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Fall is... Show Season

Published online: Oct 27, 2011 White Out & Wide Open—The Blog Ryan Harris
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We've been going the rounds at the fall snowmobile shows, just finishing up the Intermountain Snowmobile Show last weekend. As much work as one show is, I really feel for the carnies who hit every major fall show from Hay Days to the World Snowmobile Expo. That's dedication.

 What most show goers don't realize is what goes on before and after the regular show times. Like two days before the event, trailer vendors deliver trailers and park them in the exhibit hall. The day before the event, vendors show up early for setup and stay all day. Setup doesn't conclude until the next day, about five minutes before the show is scheduled to open. After that, the vendors stay throughout the show and don't leave until about half an hour after the show ends for the day. Then it's dinner time.

Most vendors are back at the exhibit hall half an hour before the second day of the show opens. For the next 8 to 10 hours, its talking, selling, listening and standing. Knowing the whole time that when the show ends, the work begins. It takes another one to three hours to tear down most booths and get them loaded in the truck, depending on the facility. Maybe they come back the next morning to finish up. And after all that is over, they get to drive home. It doesn't matter which show we're talking about--somebody's got a 20-hour drive back home.

But if you think about it, you don't come across a grouchy face while you're at a show. These guys and girls love what they do and love meeting the people who drive the sport by buying their stuff.

There's a few more shows yet this fall, including the Idaho Snowmobile Show in Boise, Idaho, November 18-19. Don't miss out.

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