Who rules the Mountain 600 class

Who rules the Mountain 600's

  • Arctic Cat

    Votes: 57 23.8%
  • Polaris

    Votes: 142 59.4%
  • Ski Doo

    Votes: 40 16.7%

  • Total voters


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Oct 19, 2008
south jordan ut.
usually ride 7 to 9000 feet when you get up that high it's very hard for the smaller displacement sleds to keep up. as a result probaly 99% of what you see are 800s.


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Oct 19, 2008
south jordan ut.
that's nice to always have that bit off extra power at lower elevations . in ut you almost always up high. it's funny years ago i drove to Seattle we were in the mountains and we passed a ski resort the sign said something like 2500 feet . i would have bet it was over 7000 . heck the town where i live is 4500. with no chace of riding from home.


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Feb 16, 2008
yakima, wa.
Yamaha rules the 600 class, hand down.
Yes they use 998cc to fill the 600cc class but they will last forever.


polaris dude

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Jun 5, 2009
Grand Junction, CO
Well it wasn't. Only reporting what I experienced. And there's no brand bashing here, I have a Axys that I'm waiting for a call for to come get as soon as it's uncrated.

The sled was a dealer demo with maybe 6 rides on it. As far as I know it was bone stock. The Cat was also bone stock and also a dealer demo. The 800 Cat I had out that day was another demo but had a full exhaust, TKI, boards, etc etc so of course the Pro wouldn't have kept up, nor been a fair comparison.

That 600 C-Tec is the real deal. Very very strong little sled.
I don't get it. If the cat 600 was better than the 800 poo why not get the 600 cat? Or better yet, the 800 cat which logic would dictate that it must be head and shoulders better?


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May 8, 2010
Brush Prairie Wa
I don't get it.... 600...... OR.... 800...head and shoulders better?

I personally prefer the PertPlus 600ml myself. Next favorite is definitely the Suave Essentials 800ml.

Interesting question, but don't you think you should start a new poll, in a new thread, in a different forum to discuss you preferences in personal hygiene products?
Been riding an 08 rmk 600. My riding starts at 9000 so yeah it can be a little underpowered but I don't climb chutes or high mark just playin in the trees. I also just got a 2017 pro 600 and I think it'll do just fine for the type of ridin I do. 600s do require seeing the line and having to work the throttle sooner rather than rely on horsepower.

I did demo a m8000 and holy $&/@ it had power! But it wasn't any better in the trees.


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Nov 27, 2007
Missoula, Montana
ride'n the little ones

for 10 years going on week sled'n trips I took along either a 500 or 600 backup sled, M5 and earlier built from the ground up 03 cat chassic 600.

the key is good clutching, far easier to refine the clutching on the smaller sleds because you don't have excess hp clouding your vision.

So, camped in Island park for a week, some big dog always blew his motor and threatened to go to town and rent a sled for the rest of the week. I would pull out the little back up sled so they could ride to dinner and no have to be humbled by driving the Ford.

Tons of old pictures of the riding group on Mt Jefferson and West Fork of the Madison and every other knob, the comments later were always about the idiot with the green M5 hood on his 700 or 800.
HP and torque is the bane of good handling, been a nitemare for engineers for ever. Big engines will always be a draw, but not always the answer.
Jul 8, 2015
I have a 2013 rmk 600 144", it is super light and can carve on a dime. The 600 engine is much more reliable and creates more of a challenge which makes it more fun IMO (because of the 144" track and less horsepower). Very fun sled
My wife just got a used 2016 600 Polaris Axys. She is coming off a 2012 600 Pro.
You should see the smiles on her face! That thing absolutely rips and yes IT IS head and shoulders above her 2012 Pro! Everyone in our group has now ridden it because everyone that rode it was coming back with the same 'Holy ****' remarks! Something changed in the motor between the years because it is noticeably stronger. It also feels significantly lighter as well and man does it pull hard!
Both machines were purchased from and set up by the same dealer so there shouldn't be any differences in the set up.

Now is it going to outrun a good running 800? Nope. Will it outrun an older Pro 800 that may not be as well set up? Yep - she proved that. She's basically outriding everyone in our group except for three, ( a group of about 16ish give or take) one Pro, One Axys, and one Cat. She is cleaning house on all the 600's, the one Yammy Phazer (what an underpowered dog) and all the older 800's and 700's.

Granted most of the people we ride with aren't riding brand new iron, except for the three mentioned above everything is 3 to 7 years old.

When momma's happy, I'm happy. Her 600 Axys makes her very happy! I'm voting for Polaris!
I picked up a 2013 pro 600 last year and rode it on 5 trips to Cooke City last season. I like it but I am only 168 lbs. It has about the same power as my old 700 edge but way more fun in the trees. But you have to pick your climbs, It does run out of power. I more season and I will be back on an 800.
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