vintage ice drag vids "speed runs in wyo" 1987


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Jan 5, 2008
i have a buddy that was into ice racing back in the day hes an older guy but he was at an event in wyo on some resivore maybe some of you might be able to chime in remember where it was

some of the sleds included

sled with 2 275hp ea, mercury outboard boat engines
stock looking polaris with 275hp mercury outboard
bunch of crazy mod sleds

only problem how do i get it on here so you guys can see it bet it would bring back a ton of memorys i have a photobucket account and youtube i mean i need details i can watch it on my windos media player where do i go from there????

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Dec 5, 2001
Black Hills
That would have been an NSSA event held on Boysen Reservoir.
It was held at the end of the season after the WY drag race season.
It was pretty big back in the day.
A lot of MN guys would come out since it was part of their circuit and points event.
I liked watching those mods. They ran 1000' and the unlimiteds ran a 1/4 mile.
You know when they require a chute to slow down that they are packing some pretty serious speed.

I think You Tube would be the easiest place to post it and then just provide a link to it.
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