Trying to get to the bottom of the issues with my sled..

May 20, 2021
please help :/

I have a 2003 Arctic Cat F5 Sno Pro, bought it in January. It had 4500 miles, was in rough shape cosmetically but it ran great for the most part for about 700 miles. On my last ride of the season with it, it started flashing the engine light every minute or 2 sporadically. When I noticed this I tried to shut it down and it wouldn't even shut off until I turned the key back and forth a few times. I figured it might be overheating so shut it down, waited about 10 mines, continued on. I also took note that when I'd come to a stop it was idling around 2500-3500+ rpms which was very unusual for the sled. It continued to flash the engine light but we had no choice but to try and make it 100 miles home. Limped all the way but a mile from home and I thought the engine blew. Shut it off and got it trailered the rest of the way.

I had a friend of a friend look it over and he said the power valves were both seized and one of the cables were broke. Compression was 120 on both cylinders. He also commented that it was hardly producing any smoke so maybe it wasn't burning oil. I had a different friend clean both valves and replace the one cable. It still seems to run odd. I haven't been able to do anything but idle the sled and rev it since there isn't any snow to ride it obviously. It is idling high at 2000-3000 rpms which again is unusual. It was idling at 1500-1900 rpms before the issues started. It also doesn't seem to be producing hardly any smoke compared to my Yamaha which runs good. I'm wondering if perhaps it isn't burning any oil? I read that high, erratic idle can indicate a lean condition? Any ideas?


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Nov 27, 2007
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If your key wasn't shutting the engine off it could be something a simple as a bad ground wire to the ecm. It is an easy thing to check. Look for where Cat grounds the motor and ecm to the chassis. Usually it is a bolt that could be loose or corroded connector at that point.
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