Summer Upgrades, 17' Mountain Cat. Opinions Needed.

Sep 4, 2016
Summer mods for my 17' Mountain Cat 153.

Im looking at doing the PROMAX plastic kit from BDX. Does anyone have any experience with this kit? I would also do the bdx chaincase cover with oil reservoir. Do you think this is a worthy upgrade? I have the BDX ascender running boards installed.

Other mods im looking at are the BDX Hy-Pro Spindle kit, Opinions on that setup? The ice age Elevate is out of my price range, Unless I do that and no other mods. I currently have T-Rex A-Arms installed.

As far as the motor goes, I would like to do a pipe upgrade. BDX also has a nice looking setup with the modded stock pipe and their Y-Pipe. Bonus is i don't need a fuel controller. Anyone running this setup? Or would it be better to do a system with fuel box? Speedwerx, BMP, SLP, Jaws? I currently have a speedwerx can.

Other parts I have installed are, Rouge rear bumper, CFR Bar setup, 2019 Skis, BMP clutch weights/Speedwerx springs. I had the roller clutch but it developed cracks in the sheave so I went back to the 17' clutch.

Is anyone else in the same boat and looking to add some goodies to their mountain cats/m8's? What are your plans?



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Oct 4, 2015
My '17 Mountain Cat 153x3" PC; Hubs Performance clutching, 911 cover, BMP Y-pipe, DS Ti can, Polaris Gripper skis with DuraPro dampers, 2018 Fox RTS with lock-out, IceAge Elevate kit (spindles & rails). The most noticeable mod has been the IceAge Elevate kit & The Gripper skis, but it all works in harmony with the clutching! Need to add the Cat magnetic tether; Where/ How did you mount yours?
Sep 4, 2016
I got an adapter kit from Hubs that tied into the plunger tether harness, Mounted it on the flat piece behind the steering post, between the intakes.

The ice age kit is high on the list. Probably should just order it. :cool:


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Dec 13, 2007
my vote would be lighter 18+ shafts and belt drive. mine has been good in deep pow like your picture, id hate to mess that up with the hood mods and pipe, ect.
boysen reeds are suposed to be pretty good on these.
Oct 23, 2019
Do the ICE AGE elevate kit. 100x better than the BDX spindles. It is expensive but I have one on my 17 mtn cat and it changed the entire sled. Soo much better. With the elevate kit that 17 mtn cat is my favorite sled possible ever
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