SLP Stage 3 kit for 2012-2017 Suzuki Cat 800

Nov 18, 2011
Calgary, AB
As the ad states, complete SLP Stage 3 kit for the Cat 2012 - 2017 800 motors, sold sled, kit has 450 miles on it and this SLP kit works flawlessly, absolutely rips....

Includes the following:

1) SLP ported cylinders matched with stock Cat 800 pistons/rings, you keep your stock cylinders.
2) Stock Cat head modified by SLP for the Stage 3 cylinders, you keep your stock head.
3) SLP Pipe, y-pipe, and can, all ceramic coated from SLP. Pipe has added O2 bung.
3) Cat exhaust valves, modded by SLP for the stage 3, you keep your stock exhaust valves.
4) PCV, p/n 11-013, with timing control, maps already pre-loaded from SLP.
5) MDS Clutch weights
6) V-Force reeds.

Kit price $2000.00 US. Pics to follow.
Premium Features