Skid swap ideas Powder special

offseason is upon us.

I inspected my 1995 Powder special 580 and found skids worn out. (Most Bogeys cracked need replacing, couple cracked spring blocks, one bent spring)

The 136x15x2 2.52pitch tracks still in decent shape. Not gonna stretch further at this time. Still Thinking a 136” skid swap would be cheaper than rebuilding my own.

Being realistic of a budget build (prob 07 and under any brand would be in range), what 136” skid options should I guy be keeping out for? Not opposed to retrofitting a skid in...I’ll be sure to grab measurements from donor.

As you can see I have time to wait for an affordable one. In meantime gonna strip and polish tunnel, install RMK seat and tank, source some running boards etc. Busy busy, thanks in advance! 9AFA13AD-16B2-46B1-87F7-BF13595A3350.jpeg D82A038C-A366-4C8C-8F87-2AAA945929D9.jpeg


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Any newer skid from 2003 and up will fit your bill. Cat or Polaris skids are best. Dragon/IQ seat and tank.
1M(2003+) Mountain front end and some skis. Move the post forward and then wish you had more power.

Keep it cheap, that old girl is long in the tooth and before you know it you can spend more than what it's worth.
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