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SAWS Editorial: Kapka Butte Sno-Park DEIS - Comment Period Open



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Apr 14, 2005
Creswell, Or
The US Forest Service has released its Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS) for Kapka Butte Sno-park. There is a 45-day comment period that ends May 30, 2011.

The DEIS can be found here:

SAWS has issued numerous Action ALERTS related to this project and continued access rights to Tumalo Mountain. Both issues have generally been part of a combined conversation in this forest.

Here are the links to all of our previous ALERTS issued over the past several years related to these topics:

April 2005: http://news.snowmobilealliance.org/2005/04/2nd-annual-dutchman-winter-summit-in-bend-oregon/

February 2006: http://news.snowmobilealliance.org/2006/02/bend-fort-rock-ranger-district-environmental-assessment/

August 2008: http://news.snowmobilealliance.org/...xtreme-green-groups-to-close-tumalo-mountain/

July 2008: http://www.snowmobile-alliance.org/...Park_Proposed_Conversion_to_Non-motorized.htm

January 2009: http://news.snowmobilealliance.org/2009/01/kapka-butte-sno-park-scoping-period/

While reading through our past alerts, you’ll see that the common issues addressed are user conflicts, parking, the never ending threat to close Tumalo to all motorized use, and the restriction or complete closure of Dutchman Sno-park to snowmobile parking. As a result of constant and regular feedback from snowmobilers, the Kapka DEIS, once and for all, makes no reference to any land closures or parking restrictions at Dutchman Sno-park. We should view this as a small victory.

Below is a modified table from the DIES that provides a high level view of the four Alternatives:
Table 2-7. Comparison of Alternatives (modified from original)

Proposed Activities
Alternative Paved Parking Trail Access New Construction Snowshoes Trails New Construction Groomed Nordic Trails Opened to Unharnessed Dogs New Construction Dutchman Flat AreaRelocate Existing Activities
Alternative 1(No Action) No Change No Change No Change No Change No Change
Alternative 2(Proposed Action) Truck/Trailer slots: 70 Auto slots: 40 .2 miles snowmobile trail to connect to Trail #450.6 miles Nordic trail to connect to Vista Butte Nordic trails 0.8 mile un-groomed trail to the top of Kapka Butte 7.2 miles (groomed, 6.2 miles non- motorized, 1.0 miles shared with motorized) No Change
Alternative 3 Truck/Trailer slots: 50 Auto slots: 0 .2 miles snowmobile trail to connect to Trail #450.6 miles Nordic trail to connect to Vista Butte Nordic trails None None Relocate snowmobile play area (16.6 acres) to north end of the flatReroute 0.5 miles of snowmobile trail #7 to east edge of the flat
Alternative 4 Truck/Trailer slots: 70 Auto slots: 40 .2 miles snowmobile trail to connect to Trail #450.6 miles Nordic trail to connect to Vista Butte Nordic trails 0.8 mile un-groomed trail to the top ofKapka Butte 7.2 miles (groomed, 6.2 miles non- motorized, 1.0 miles shared with motorized) Relocate snowmobile play area (16.6 acres) to north end of the flatReroute 0.5 miles of snowmobile trail #7 to east edge of the flat

While there are no stated closures, two of the alternatives include a relocation of the current snowmobile play area on Dutchman Flats, with no overall loss in acreage. They are simply offering to move it to an area of land that is more removed and isolated from the designated non-motorized areas of the flats. Whether this move is a good thing, or a bad thing, is really subjective. SAWS does not have a position on it one way or another, but supports the fact that there will be no net loss of riding acreage included in the alternatives.

In fact, because there are no closures mentioned in the DEIS, SAWS has chosen to offer this editorial to notify members that the comment period is open. We’d also like to share some other things for you to consider.

We believe that the underlying threat of closures is still present. Interestingly enough, Bend Backcountry Alliance (“BBA”) (the group trying to eliminate all motorized access in Deschutes NF) is greatly opposed to the building of Kapka Butte Sno-park. This is directly off their website (http://www.bendbc.com/):

“The proposed Kapka sno-park will increase existing conflicts between motorized and non-motorized users. These conflicts not only include physical proximity and safety issues, but also noise and air pollution, and parking and access issues.

Although the Kapka proposal includes the construction of trails for non-motorized users, most winter recreationists seeking a quiet winter experience are unlikely to want to spend their time near such a massive snowmobile staging area. Additionally, these areas offer no access to suitable terrain for backcountry skiers or snowshoers seeking more of a challenge.

Most importantly, we believe that any proposal for increased motorized access in the Century Drive corridor must be balanced by equitable accommodations for non-motorized users.

Therefore, we strongly oppose the construction of the Kapka Butte Sno-Park.”
There is an interesting table on page 67 of the DEIS (Table 2-9). It outlines the use level changes of people at one time (PAOT) on peak use day in the areas sno-parks. For motorized users, the change is +182 for Alternatives 2 and 4 and +130 for Alternative 3. It’s no wonder BBA isn’t interested having Kapka built. That is a lot of additional snowmobilers to the area. In terms of the increase in vehicles with trailers, Alternative 2 and 4 will have a 61% increase over the No Action Alternative (#1) and Alternative 3 will have a 44% increase.

The fact is, many snowmobilers and other winter users are strongly opposed to the construction of Kapka. This might be the only time that cross-country skiers and snowmobilers have found themselves sharing a position on land use in this forest. You can be assured though, that the underlying reasons for this once-in-a-lifetime agreement are vastly different. Snowmobilers want higher elevation access, such as is available currently at Dutchman. Bend Backcounty Alliance? Well, they just want us out of the forest entirely.

If you are wondering why the FS doesn’t just expand Dutchman here is what they have to say about that in the DEIS:

Enlarge Dutchman Sno-park parking area instead of building the Kapka Sno-park
Some members of the public believe that the Kapka location is not the best choice for adding winter recreation parking. They would prefer the enlargement of Dutchman since it is located at a higher elevation, is an already developed site, and provides better access to trails.
The Interdisciplinary Team considered an alternative that would provide the additional winter parking at Dutchman Sno-park. This was not carried forward for detailed analysis in this EIS because the existing crowded corridor with Mount Bachelor ski area, Nordic skiing, motorized and non-motorized trailheads have already caused overcrowded conditions at this location. Increasing the parking capacity of Dutchman Sno-park to accommodate 70-110 vehicles would only exacerbate the current situation.
The 1996 Sno-Park Expansions Environmental Analysis evaluated the effects of enlarging Dutchman Snopark and concluded that significantly increasing the capacity of the existing site or constructing a new sno-park near Dutchman Flat would increase use and the potential for user conflicts. Those conclusions are still valid and no new circumstances exist that would trigger a change to that direction. However, the Forest will continue to assess all sno-parks and may recommend changes in the future to improve the efficiency, capacity and safety of facilities.
It’s the final sentence of this statement that should have you on alert. SAWS position all along has been that Dutchman Sno-park is an anchor for our continued access to the high country. It is the only motorized sno-park on the north side of Cascades Lakes Highway. We continue to believe that if at any point Dutchman is closed to snowmobiles, either by vehicle length or calendar restrictions, it will be that much easier for groups like BBA to lobby for a ban on motorized access to forest lands on the north side of the highway. You simply have to look at a map to see how likely this scenario is.

There is a grass-roots effort underway to petition the FS to reconsider the expansion of Dutchman Sno-Park. At the time of this writing, close to 900 signatures have been collected. People signing the petition are not just snowmobilers. They are coming from all types of winter users from throughout the state. The petition is available online at http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/expanddutchman/ Not only can you sign the petition, but you can also view comments from others who have signed it. One signor’s comment offers some good commentary about government spending:

“I feel that Kapka is not in the best interest of those who use the area for winter recreation. It seems to me to be a waste of money. The way that our country is hurting with the current economy wouldn't the money that will be spent on building a snowpark that no one wants be put to better use. We are closing our schools cutting our police fire depatments, I can only shake my head and say WHAT!!!! does Washington have so much money that they can throw it away on unwanted projects. I feel that if the F.S. has to spend money then have them spend it on a project that people want, enlarge Dutchman Flat snow park. Please do not build Kapka snow park.” – Catherine Allison
One of the new issues the FS is trying to address with this DEIS is access for people recreating with dogs. We’re not even sure how to apply this information. While the document outlines new trails for development, specific to dogs off leash, it doesn’t state that those areas will become closed to snowmobiles. While we can assume the proposed new trails will be close to motorized travel, as they will be designated cross-country trails, the issues about cross country travel closures are not mentioned. Some snowmobilers in the area are still upset about what was intended to be a temporary closure of a previous snowmobile trail near Wanoga for off-leash dog access for skiers. That two mile section of trail is still closed to snowmobilers, as far as we know. Another unknown is the snowshoe trail to the summit of Kapka Butte. Will the butte then become closed to motorized as well? The DEIS does not make that clear.

At the very least, this DEIS is informative of the issues, and the history of those issues, in this highly popular winter recreation area.

So, now what should you do about it? SAWS will always recommend that you submit a comment, contact your local representatives and we often even tell you what we would like you to do. However, SAWS is not in the business of arguing for or against parking, or grooming funds, or any other issues related to snowmobiling that do not affect land-use access rights. The FS seems to have finally figured out that this DEIS would go nowhere if snowmobile access rights were restricted. As such, they removed all such references from it, and therefore SAWS will not be offering an opinion or a position about which of the Alternatives you should support.

Instructions for submitting comments are as follows:
Comments should be addressed to Shane Jeffries, District Ranger, Bend-Fort Rock Ranger District, 1230 NE 3rd Street, Suite A-262, Bend, Oregon, 97701.
Comments can also be faxed to (541) 383-4700, sent electronically to comments-pacificnorthwest-deschutes-bend-ftrock@fs.fed.us, or hand delivered to 1230 NE Third Street, Suite A-262, Bend, Oregon between 7:45 AM and 4:30 PM, Monday through Friday, excluding holidays.
For email submission, the comments must be submitted as part of the actual email message, or as an attachment in Microsoft Word (.doc or .docx), rich text format (.rtf), or portable document format (.pdf) only. In cases where no identifiable name is attached to an electronic message, verification of identity will be required. Emails submitted to email addresses other than the one listed above, or in formats other than those listed, or containing viruses, will be rejected. It is the responsibility of the commenter to confirm receipt of comments submitted by electronic mail. Please enter “Kapka Butte Snopark DEIS Comments” into the subject line of your email.
This is another chance to make a difference. We encourage you to write a comment letter or send an email and let the Forest Service know what you want for this area on our public lands. If you have any questions about the information in this editorial, please feel free to contact us.
Susie Rainsberry & Todd White
Snowmobile Alliance of Western States
Copyright © 2011 Snowmobile Alliance of Western States. All Rights Reserved.
Permission is granted to distribute this information in whole or in part, as long as Snowmobile Alliance of Western States (SAWS) is acknowledged as the source. If you are not yet a member of SAWS and you would like receive these alerts, please sign up on our web site at: http://www.snowmobile-alliance.org. SAWS is FREE to join!
From a very large group of folks that have been work on this issue for many years we truly want to thank the folks from SAWS for their great work. If you don't think this can happen in your back yard, just wait.

Please help us in the Bend area with our issue. We believe "Alt 1" or the Do Nothing is the best for snowmobiling in our area. Kapka is just the wrong place to spend your tax dollars. We are willing to hold out to get what we all really want. But first we have to KILL the KAPKA Project.

Please see our web site for more information. Feel free to sign or petition to expand Dutchman Snow Park. As of today there is 150" of snow at Dutchman snow park and less than 12" at the Kapka site. The choice is clear.

The comment period started 4/15/2011 and will conclude on 5/30/2011

Email your comments to: comments-pacificnorthwest-deschutes-bend-ftrock@fs.fed.us Please put KAPKA in the subject line.

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Nov 26, 2007
New Meadows
Hello Fellow Snowmobilers;

We are now down to under a week to make your comments count about the new proposed Kapka Snopark.
Please send your email comments to; comments-pacificnorthwest-deschutes-bend-ftrock@fs.fed.us
Put; Kapka DEIS in the subject line.
We support Option #1, this is the “do nothing” option. Option #1 is the only way we will ever get a Expanded Dutchman Snopark.
If writing a letter, some of the reasons you can put are;
1. It is a waste of our tax dollars.
2. It is a Snopark that will not benefit ALL users.
3. It will not have the snow early and late in the year.
4. It will not solve the overcrowding at Dutchman Snopark.
5. It will promote user conflicts at the culvert on the SunRiver road and at Lamerts Crossing.
Option #1 is the only option that will help us in getting Dutchman Flat Snopark expanded.

To see the full 282 page document go to; http://a123.g.akamai.net/7/123/1155...ai.com/11558/www/nepa/13677_FSPLT2_050528.pdf

Please contact anyone who maybe interested in issues like this and have them comment.

For the ones that have already sent in their comments, Thank You

Please email your comments ASAP. The last day to comment is May 31th.

Thank You!!

Rick Sironen & The Expand Dutchman Group
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