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Like NEW 2010 Arctic Cat M6 153

Jul 21, 2008
I am selling my daughter’s 2010 Arctic Cat M6 153 with reverse. This sled is perfect for a child, spouse, buddy or new rider who needs a stable platform to learn how to ride in the back-country.

It is like NEW (almost showroom) condition. Look at the pictures! Arctic Cat should buy it and put in in a museum to celebrate the M series platform. Whoever buys this machine will be very happy. Your kid will think you bought him/her a new sled.

I bought this sled from the original owner (his wife’s sled) two years ago (when my daughter was 11) with 365 original miles. It now has 637 miles. We put 272 miles in the past two winters. The sled was trailered and stored in a heated garage during my ownership. Other than a Pro Armour safety tether (which I had professionally installed) the sled is stock. Everything functions as new.

I had the Diamond Drive inspected and serviced when I purchased it. I only used synthetic oil during my ownership. Annual maintenance of clutches, track and skid. It has been meticulously maintained.

If you are looking at this ad you know there are almost zero affordable sled options for young, small or inexperienced riders. My daughter did amazing as a first time mountain rider and we enjoyed some sweet rides but ultimately she is not interested. At least she tried and hung out with the old man. My three boys just want to play Fortnight. You can’t even talk to them. I curse video games!!

This is not a Kelly Blue Book sale. I owned several Yamaha Snoscoots years ago when my kids were small. The M series is a great kid/beginner sled. An M8 is too much sled. A M6 or M7 in decent shape is a rare machine. You could try to find a Polaris or XM 600 but they are rarer still (due to covid) and I would say harder to ride as a beginner. You could pay $8,500 for a new Arctic Cat Blast M 146 track with only 68 hp versus a M6 153 with 118 hp. This M6 sled has been on top of the Pemberton Ice Cap. The M6 is a proper mountain snowmobile that can help you kid grow into riding safely and affordably.

See manufacturers mechanical specification at the link below:


CASH only no trades, no venmo or other ridiculous payment methods.

If it is listed it is available. First come first serve. I will not hold it for anyone unless you paypal me a $200 non refundable deposit.

Thanks for looking.

Text or call at 206-399-6070


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