Installation and Review: Grip-N-Rip 2017-18 G4 Brace Kit Bundle


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Nov 1, 2008
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Just a heads up on a forthcoming detailed INSTALLATION and REVIEW of this product. Just finished the install Christmas Eve and I will am building up a full thread on it

SHORT Synopsis!

I LIKE THIS KIT!!:face-icon-small-hap
The parts all fit, the instruction manual was clear and well written, and the kit can be installed by a NON Mechanic!

TIME REQUIRED: Would guess the average shade tree sled mechanic can get this done in a single day, start to finish. Budget 6-8 hours, and you may well knock it out in 4 if you are really on your game and have torn into your 850 before.

Fit and finish of the parts was excellent. Its clear they took their time in the design stage of fabricating this kit. My "estimation" is that this kit would have SAVED at least one of my sleds last year and probably saved 2 of them from the carnage they suffered with early riding in deep snow with no base!

I would NOT have a 2017 850 without installing a brace kit. There are several different units to chose from on the market, some VERY simple and basic, and others VERY COMPREHENSIVE (like this one). Speaking as a guy who spent $10,000 in repairs for 3 busted sleds last year, this is CHEAP INSURANCE! WELL WORTH THE PRICE in my humble opinion.:face-icon-small-hap:face-icon-small-hap


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Feb 2, 2010
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Were you ever going to do this install how to? Thanks.
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