Front Shocks: Expert vs. QS3-R

Jan 4, 2015
Qc, Canada
The ski shock shaft has nothing to do with what I was referencing. If you read what I stated , I was talking about the Kashima coating on the shock body. As stated above BRP did add 1 more 1.178 x .008 shim to the compression side. Yes it did help. But the bigger help is in the heavier spring, and the Kashima coat. That is what I stated
And if I am replacing parts, and I can get them lighter, especially when you are talking unsprung weight that is tied to suspension and moving parts on the sled, then I will take it every time, regardless how small the change is. Studies have shown that in optimal conditions, losing 1lb of unsprung mass is equivalent to up to 20lbs of overall sprung weight reduction. In real-world scenarios, this likely is nearer to 6-10lbs but unsprung, and rotational masses should be prioritized as part of your weight reduction activities. I wish people could grasp that!
For me, where the X is lacking compared to the Expert is in control and the 1 more shim that adds mostly low speed damping does just that. And as you mentionned in your last email, the spring rate's the same so adding a shim to a X will clearly help, lower friction from the Kashima or not. The Kasima should help with temps (friction generate heat) and small bump sensitivity. I don't really believe the coating's pluses has a big added value for a typical mountain snowmobile.
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