First trailer: Legend hybrid 12' vs. Look drift 12'


Just purchased my first sled this season and my open raft trailer is not going to work as it is a salt spraying device.

Looking at an enclosed Legend hybrid and a Look drift to tow with my 18' V6 Tacoma. The look has full height ceilings with rear ramp and one front ramp door, the Legend is a typical hybrid. Both trailers are a similar price but the look weighs 1400 lbs w. brakes and the Legend is 980 lbs w.o brakes.

Since im a dummy and did not get a full size truck my sled doesn't fit in the bed so I will be towing this everywhere.

What are your thoughts on the 400 lb weight difference vs. the extra room and convenience of the front door on the Look. We will be going to Revelstoke in February with one sled and coolers and ski gear.



Jan 20, 2009
Northern Utah
When I had an enclosed with front ramp, I rarely used it because of the threat of smacking the rear of the truck while exiting under power. It was just easier to back them out unless I was leaving a few in the trailer. The lighter trailer is nice when storage space is at a premium, you can possibly move it around by hand instead of using the truck every time.
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