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Crankcase seizing while out skiing

Jan 15, 2024
Kamas, UT
I started riding last year in February. While out skiing my bike (2013 KTM 300 XC-W) never froze. I had my bottom end rebuilt last year and I re-built the top end. Twice now while I was out skiing for several hours my kickstart was frozen solid and I could start it at first. The first time I stomped on it a few times and got it going. The second time I put the bike gear then unsuccessfully tried to move the track. I got back on and stopped on the kickstart and it finally went. The first time it was 5 degrees out. Today it was 15 degrees. It was crazy deep both days. I feel like the piston is seizing on the cylinder wall. My best guess is that I am not letting my bike run for a few minutes before shutting it down and possibly there is some moisture in the head from the blower snow. I am thinking about taking a portable torch with me so I can heat the cylinder. Has anyone else expereicned this?
Dec 19, 2007
The torch will work. I carry one when we stay over night in s back country cabin. You can sit it in the snow with the flame on the clutch cover. Do you have a good thermostat? Deep days get powder and water in almost every part of a 2 stroke. But if you get it hot it should evaporate most of the water . 4 strokes get so dang hot they will evaporate everything inside.


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Nov 29, 2007
very common , The 4 T have oil in the stator never water. Typical issue with 2T
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