Contour/Vholdr HELP!


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Oct 5, 2001
Chester, SD
Alright, this might get a little long winded.. so please bare with me. Plus computers are definetely not my thing.

I purchased a Vholdr, right before they came out with the Contour. Just dumb luck that they came with the Contour like a month later.

I have not used it much, lack of ride time, changing helmets ect... I have probably used it once a year.

Recently got back from a trip and shot some footage. When I went to upload the footage, it acted like I had a virus somewhere in the program or the camera. So I scanned the camera and the program. Nothing showed up. So I uninstalled the program. I then went to reinstall and that is where I ran into big problems.

I contacted their customer support. They have been helpful, but my ancient computer and lack of technical abilities is holding this up.

So the tech guy said go to this webpage...

If you notice there is two choices for cameras. I have tried to click on the one that is personal camcorder and not the Contour HD. It doesnt want to seem to lock into it. So, I tried to download anyway, then it wont recognize my footage. Last night I got this back...

Sounds like there's some incompatibility on your computer. Probably another image program running.
At this point I dont know how to remedy it, and have no idea what to do. I dont want to throw the camera in the garbage and start over. I have seriously considered it, for a couple reasons.

1.) The sound it records is awful, my sled sounds like a elephant with serious gas problems.
2.) The computer program for uploading the video. It just seems like a PITA after seeing my buddies GoPro. You have to upload it and then before I can share it with anyone I have to share it with Contour. Plus if I want to do some serious editing, I need a program to "decode" the footage. It doesnt seem like the new programs are alot better. Maybe I am being picky.

If I was to just buy a new camera, I dont even know which way to turn. It would be nice to have the HD, but that doesnt make a big deal to me(reason to keep the one I have). I looked at the new GoPro's. I went online and it seems like everyone is having problems with them, except for on this site. So then it would be back to a Contour anyway.

Shoot, I am at a loss, if someone can help, that would be great.

Thanks.. Justin
Nov 26, 2007
I take the card out of my contour and plug it into a card reader, they are realy cheap and works better.

but don't use the program, when you pulg your camera in it should show up in my computer as a drive, say , e: or f:

pull the videos off that, and play them in vlc media player.
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