Any over the head/shoulder mount tips?


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Nov 26, 2007
Bellevue, WA
Last season I toyed with capturing a good over the head/shoulder angle. I'm wondering if anyone else has any tips or mount suggestions for capturing this type of angle. To achieve this I had put a monopod in my backpack with GoPro Hero 9, strapped the monopod down to keep it from rotating with some voile straps. I have a lot more helmet than I'd like and it does tend to rotate some. Plus it's hard to set the down angle on the camera so I usually end up with a lot of unusable footage. I really like in the turns where you can see more of the sled.

I could maybe go higher but the monopod gets pretty unstable. I was thinking I could use one of these Gooseneck mounts from GoPro to put it more to the left over my shoulder but then it would rotate pretty easy. Also trying to keep the kit small. I don't want to have to carry some rig out that can't be broken down easily to fit in my pack or tunnel bag.
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