2014 Ski Doo RS 700BB

Aug 17, 2009
2014 Ski Doo RS with SHR 700BB, sled runs great and is a blast! It has a SHR 700BB, Jaws twin pipes, Toms 3D clutch arms, C&A Pro skis, Mountain Fit Hood, Standard Gear replaced the slipper gear, 2" camoplast track, Ski Doo Linq sytem gas can,spare belt, Factory cover and it is set up to run at 6k-9k. This sled was built right, SHR, Jaws and the Ski Doo race department all worked together to make sure that all the pieces would work together. I am the original owner and it has never been raced are wrecked. $5,000.00 OBO (208) 608-4537


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