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2014 Christini AWD 450 DS


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Nov 26, 2007
Harlowton, MT
I'm trying to sell my 2014 Christini AWD 450 DS. Christini is an All Wheel Drive motorcycle based on the Honda CRF 450 X, built in Phildelphia, PA by Steve Christini. This particular bike was my dealer display bike and had no more than 100 miles on it. I just don't have the time to ride it like I thought I would. New these bikes are $9,595 + $350 freight. I am asking $8,000, this bike has been geared down at the rear sprocket and is running the richer MX style ECU the original parts will go with it plus an extra set of factory graphics, it has a Michelin Bibb Mousse in the front wheel and a new one in the box for the rear. I would also entertain a trade for a low mile AXYS chassis RMK 600 or 800 155 or 163 preferably with the Quick Drive.



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