2010 Mirage Xtreme Sport 28ft V-Nose Trailer

Sep 10, 2008
2010 Mirage Xtreme Sport. 28 ft. (4ft V-nose w/ 24 ft box). Rear door opening is 74.75” tall by 91” wide. 4150 lb. curb weight, 10,000 lb. GVWR. Made for hauling sleds or cars. I’ve had 5 long track sleds in it plus gear, with one in backwards, you could probably get creative and get six in it. NuPoly Quadfloor flooring in great shape, has some staining. New tires in 2018, have about 1000 miles on them. Suburban 30kBTU heater, just ran it and it works great (sale is not including a propane tank or battery to run the heater). Trailer has always been stored outside so not exactly showroom condition but still in great shape. Has some hail dents on the driver side but not bad (see pictures). This has been a great trailer, but in the last few years its been used more for storage than hauling sleds or cars and at this point I don’t need it for storage so it needs a new owner that’ll use it for what its built for.

Trailer is located in Mead, Colorado, about halfway between Denver and Ft Collins. $7900 OBO


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