1995 Haulmark 24' enclosed for sale.---SOLD!!!


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Nov 1, 1998
W Mont
1995 Haulmark, 24'.
V-nosed, enclosed trailer.
Located 59833
This is my dad's trailer, but I'm posting it for him.

Carries four mountain sleds, if they aren't TOO long.
Comes with custom alum storage boxes.
Ramp springs still have good tension!
Drive out front and gas door on driver's side.
Man-door is on the passenger side.
Decking has always been treated with Thompson's.
He painted the inside several years ago (was originally natural color).
Does have some rust, nicks and evidence of plenty of "experience" but it's been a great trailer.
It's other duties have been on-call for moving all my friends throughout college and it also was a great impromptu concession stand at softball games.
He was going to sell it last spring, but held off. Now it is time to go.

The heater does NOT come with it.

$4250 obo.
This needs to go before winter.


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