$12,000 to spend on 3 mtn sleds....What were the good '04 - '06 Mtn Sleds?


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Jan 4, 2008
Boise, ID
imo i would find an 07 dragon rmk 155" for yourself.

and i would find two 07 rmk 600 155" for the boys

after watching what my buddy has put his 07 rmk 600 through and absolutely how poor he treats it, its amazing that it even starts and runs let alone still rips at 3k miles. that alone proves to me they are a reliable machine.
This. my buddy just got an 07 700 dragon for 3800 and I've seen several 600's in the IQ chassis for well under 4k. if you all ride that same the boys will think its cool (i did when my dad and i had the same sleds) and your spare parts can be consolidated.


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Nov 26, 2007
Renton, WA
I think your decision is pretty well narrowed down to 04-06 Rev or 05-06 M7.

Regardless of which you choose, I would get 3 of the same sled, so that belts, plugs, clutch tools and all the parts interchange!
Mar 31, 2011
And the results are in....

So, I ended up finding 5 sleds. I could not get a ski-doo as I was bringing them back to Canada and didn't want to pay the $500 per...

1. Cat m7 153". 2006. 1,100 miles w a can, no-snow boards and the toe hooks. $4,000.

2. Cat m6 153". 2005. 1,550 miles. Awesome shape...very meticulously maintained. $3,500

3. RMK 600 144". 2006. 1,600 miles and has a 2nd hood and 2nd seat. $3,500

4. RMK 600 136". 2002. 2,880 miles and very clean with light riding. $1,400. (Same owner as M7).

5. Cat Powder Special 700. 1999. 1,700 miles with a pipe and a can. A bit rougher with cracked seat, broken hood but $1,200.

Thanks for all the input.
Mar 7, 2008
How many days a year are planning to ride and do you have an option to rent?
If you are not sure if everyone will stick with this beyond a year maybe rent? Otherwise you are buying three sleds, will you need a trailer? Plus maintenance. It adds considerable and if you need to store them?
I enjoy the convenience of our own sleds, but it adds up especially if not sure where will go after this year. If you rent for a year is expensive but not as much as owning and you may be able to keep those kids on 2011 - 2012 sleds which might make them enjoy the sport more on the new sleds. World of difference in sleds in even the last 5 years. The depreciation on those 3 sleds may make renting seem little less expensive, also.
Those are my thoughts. I have done both. Gone years just renting and years owning...and some years both so I could try out the new sles without buying them. I have 4 sleds, one two place open trailer, and one place enclosed trailer, big trucks to pull them, storage place to keep it all but enjoy freedom to go as we please. But have rented also and ther are pros to that. This year my son and I still plan to rent a couple of 2012 sleds for a couple days.
if u what something in those years there is only one choice, the original Rev!! Strongest of the 800's in my opinion as I have had 5 800's previous to my 850 and I never had another perform as well and take as much beating as my 04! The sled is still kicking butt as I know who bought it and they are still running it! What a awesome sled I wish I never sold it.
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