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Default Low coolant. Leak?

So, I must admit - I didn't even check my coolant level prior to the season. Got out for our first rides this past weekend - when we got back I noticed my coolant was also empty. I'm new to the sledding world - should my sled burn/lose coolant naturally or should I be checking for a leak somewhere? If so, any usual suspects to check? Sled is a 154 2008 Summit 800. I just filled the coolant up and will pay attention to it my next ride but would prefer to do preventative maintenance than get stuck out there if it's leaking into the engine...

I did notice that it was idling at ~1400rpm but that it would slowly die down if left at idle, eventually stalling out if I didn't rev it up. It also wouldn't start for me to unload it when we got home. Ideas? Thoughts? Musings?
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