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Default Low idle at higher elevation

Now that the season is over I'm trying to get some ideas of what to trouble shoot before next season... 2016 Assault 600, SLP stage 3.

Idle my normal riding elevation (2000k feet) it idled as it should.

I also took trips to 10k and one to 6k, both of those places the idle was terrible. First start of the day (cold engine) it would start idling around 1500-1600, which seemed right. As soon as the engine would start to warm up the idle would slowly drop until the gauges would flicker and even die. This would be pretty constant throughout the day. Once you start moving it's a non issue. Idling only..

Go back down to low elevation and it's back to normal. It's like the ECU wasn't fully adjusting? When doing the Stage 3 the TPS base setting was where it should be.. Throttle cable is set correctly.

Could this be a t-map sensor issue?

Another problem I'm running into is a mid range bog intermittently. This happens at all elevation and is hard to repeat. Mainly happens when cruising at a trail speed (say 35-55) and then punching it.. it'll bog/cut out for a short moment and then clear itself out and it will be good. Won't happen everytime but maybe 2-3 times a day. Not sure if they could be related or not...

Thank you!
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