Destination: Colorado

Consider Colorado one of the luckiest states in the West last winter. While most of the West was suffering through below-average snowfall, many parts of Colorado were buried with the white stuff. And southern Colorado was really buried in snow with above average snowfall. 

Needless to say, Colorado was a popular place in the snowmobiling crowd last winter. That’s saying something, considering the state is already a popular destination for sledders. 

The reason for the state’s popularity is no mystery. We’ve already talked about the dry, light powder Colorado seems to never be in short supply of. The Colorado Rockies are another show stopper when it comes to unparalled beauty and scenic vistas. Mountains mean excellent snowmobiling when it comes to hillclimbing, boondocking and backcountry riding. The Rockies help the state to earn the unique characteristic of having the highest average elevation—6,800 feet—of any state in America. Snowmobiling usually starts at around 7,000 feet and just goes up from there. We’ve snowmobiled to 12,000 feet on several occasions. Colorado is home to more Fourteeners than any other state in the West. Fourteeners are mountains which are 14,000 feet or higher. And Colorado has 58 mountain peaks that stretch more than 14,000 feet into the sky, led by Mt. Elbert at 14,433 feet. 

The state also maintains more than 2,500 miles of groomed trails. 

The Colorado Snowmobile Association’s website ( is a great source of information, including regular snowmobile grooming updates.

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