2024 Polaris Lineup Includes 3.25-inch Deep Lug Track

March 2023 Feature

The news for what Polaris has planned for the 2024 model year is sure to stir up some excitement, especially those most interested in the Pro and Khaos RMKs that are equipped with the new Series 9 deep snow track featuring 3.25-inch lugs.

Nicknamed “325” the track not only doesn't trench, but it gets up on top of deep, dry powder better than any RMK we’ve tested previously. In fact, the 325-equipped Patriot Boost and 9R sleds we’ve ridden are a little more work to hang on to and require a little more upper body strength to ride than what we’re used to with the 2.75 (or 275) track. That’s how well the 325 track hooks up and propels the RMK through snow.

New For 24
For RMK, here is what’s new for model year 2024:

New Series 9 15x3.25-inch 3.5-pitch mountain track

  • Dubbed the “325,” this track is about as specialized as it gets. Think of it as you would a red-label off-road tire for a rock crawler. This is not an all-purpose track. In fact, the 325 track has a 50-mph trail speed limitation, and RMKs equipped with the 325 track will flash a notification on the display when speeds exceed 50 mph AND will log the incident in the ECU. If you ride a lot of trail (and like to go fast) to access your deep snow zones, you might ultimately be better off with the 2.75-inch (or 275) track.

  • However, if you are looking for the ultimate—and we mean ultimate—in deep snow thrust, lift and traction, this is it. In deep continental snow (not coastal wet snow), the 325 is amazing at getting up on top and moving the machine forward.

  • The 325 track is a 3.5-pitch.

  • The 325 track is available in 155 and 165 lengths.

  • The 325 track is said to weigh the same as the previous 3.0-inch, 3.0-pitch Series 7 track. This is achieved due to a different design and construction, and larger pitch which eliminates some lugs.

  • The 325 track is said to be approximately just 6 pounds heavier than the same-length 275 track.

  • All 325-equipped RMKs will come with anti-stab rollers on rear suspension.

  • Use of scratchers (more on the new scratchers below) is key in track longevity when driven on trail below 50 mph.

New RMK Reversible Ice Scratcher

  • The RMK finally gets an upgraded single-coil ice scratcher that is both reversible and offers improved cooling.

  • Sleds can be driven in reverse while scratchers are down without damaging the scratcher.

  • A new tip angle directs snow spray to optimize cooling on RMK models.

  • In our own testing, we saw no higher than 104 degrees F coolant temps over a 10-mile run down a groomed trail (staying under 50 mph).

  • The new scratcher will bolt directly onto 2011-and-newer RMKs.

New RMK rail profile

  • The new RMK rail beam features a common bend angle across all Pro and Khaos RMKs.

  • Previously, the Khaos had a more aggressive rail bend than Pro.

  • The new rail bend splits the difference between previous Pro and Khaos profiles.

  • Rear suspension geometry remains unchanged.

Five new Snow Check exclusive paint and graphics options

  • Polaris is offering exclusive color ways that utilize premium paint and decals

Other Improvements for 2024

For 2024, Polaris has made the following updates and improvements:

  • Improvements to 7S display system.

  • New upgraded oil caps that eliminate oil leakage.

  • New anti-fog coating on headlights.

  • Lighter durometer quarter-turn grommets. This makes the quarter-turn side panel locks easier to turn.

  • Improved exhausts pipe shell.

  • Update to RMK brake system:

  • MY24 RMKs have a new brake disc with improved ventilation, and the space between the brake pads and the brake disc at rest has increased to combat brake system heat.

  • ECU has brake/throttle interlock system control. This is similar to the model year 2023 brake system update.

  • If throttle and brake are simultaneously applied (aka interlock) for a duration of 4 seconds, the ECU sends the sled into a valve-down mode which reduces engine power output through the exhaust valves. If the interlock continues for a total of 15 seconds, the ECU shuts the engine off. Restarting the engine resumes normal operation in both valve-down and shutdown.

  • If throttle and brake are simultaneously applied but either brake or throttle is released, the interlock timer is cleared.

  • It’s important to note that even if the brake pads are not engaging with the brake disc but the brake lever sensor circuit is tripped while throttle is applied, that is considered interlock. Resting a finger on the brake lever (or “covering” the brake as it’s known) can lead to an interlock valve down incident. We know, it happened to us more than once in our testing.

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