2024 Lynx Shredder: License To Thrill

February 2023 Feature

Lynx Shredder is the ultimate deep snow snowmobile that takes deep-snow riding experiences to a new level of agility, power, and control. Built with input from hardcore deep snow riders, Shredders are designed for the unique riding style seen in Scandinavia, but also available in North America. 

The Shredder is based on the Radien² platform that features a very slim and powder efficient design. Narrow side panels and running boards together with a short tunnel and horizontal snow flap improve handling and reduce drag in deep snow. The industry leading power is generated by the Rotax 850 E-TEC Turbo R engine which offers endless performance with 180 horsepower. The factory made turbo provides the maximum 180hp up to 8000 feet and above that, increases the advantage over naturally aspirated 850cc engine. The four-point engine mounting comes with many advantages: thanks to more rigid engine mounting, the vibration level is lower and drive belt alignment more consistent, which means longer belt-life and more care-free deep snow shredding.

Lynx Shredder is available with two packages. The Shredder RE is the high-performance model for the most aggressive riding in deep snow, featuring the the largest, most capable shock package in its class. New this year and as requested by many, the Shredder RE with the Rotax 850 E-TEC Turbo R engine is also available with 146’’ track length in North America to offer the most insane deep snow experience on snow. The Shredder DS is a special made model for the deepest powder and steepest hills. For the model year 2024, the Shredder DS gets a narrower, 34-inch ski stance, bringing unbelievable agility in deep snow.

Right after its introduction for model year 2023, Shredder RE has impressed the most demanding deep snow riders across the ocean. The preceding model, BoonDocker RE, already got the reputation of the ultimate fun machine on snow among Scandinavian freeriders. The Shredder RE raised the experience to a completely new level. With features like the new Radien² design, refined PPS² DS+ rear suspension and the top performance offered by Rotax 850 E-TEC and 850 E-TEC Turbo R engines, the Shredder RE lived up to the expectations.

For the model year 2024, the Shredder RE with 146-inch track length is also available in the North American market with a 180hp Turbo R engine to offer the fiercest deep snow riding experience. The Shredder RE is based on the Radien² platform. The side panels are narrow as are the running boards that gives the sled more clearance and makes handling effortless. This helps in sidehilling where riders can lean steeper towards the uphill without the panels or running boards dragging in the snow.

Also the 15-inch wide track with full-length rods helps the sled to keep its course more predictably, without washouts. The running boards are extruded which translates to a more rigid structure and sharper responsiveness to rider input. Shredder RE features the PPS² DS+ rear suspension which is tailored for rough deep snow riding. Besides remarkable deep snow capability, the rear suspension features rail reinforcements ensuring maximum durability for the most aggressive riding.

The absolute sweet spot of the Shredder RE is its unrivaled shock package. The rear suspension boasts massive 46mm diameter KYB Kashima shock absorbers – with three-way adjustability in the rear shock. Together with the three-step adjustable KYB PRO 36 EA-3 R Kashima front shocks, the suspension package literally entices aggressive riding.

Shredder RE comes with two PowderMax track options. The 146-inch with 2.5-inch lugs is the pick for the riders who want to combine ultimate agility and fun factor together with performance. The 154-inch track option with 2.5-inch / 3.0-inch lugs gives the rider a huge dose of deep snow capability together with impressive maneuverability.

The Shredder RE features the LED headlights with three modules that represent the latest light technology of Lynx. Two LED modules for low beam and one module for high beam offer a wide and bright light pattern for the darkest hours. The optional 10.25-inch Color Touchscreen Display gives the rider a new way to view the ride and see all the sled vitals with stunning clarity with easy connectivity to a smartphone. The display can be paired with the next generation BRP GO! app to offer next level navigation, the ability to track your fellow riders, and more. The Shredder RE comes with ingenious SHOT starter system and two pairs of LinQ attachment bases to facilitate accessorizing the snowmobile to meet rider’s preferences.

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