TOBE Outerwear launches global e-commerce experience


The outdoor brand TOBE is entering into a new phase of their expansion journey. During the year, a new e-commerce experience for both D2C and B2B has been developed, which will lead the brand towards substantial growth in turnover by the end of the year, where at least 40% of sales will come from the new e-commerce store. Their goal is to reach 10 MEUR at the end of 2022. 

The outdoor brand TOBE Outerwear sells winter sports and outdoor products – today, being mostly known for their well-established position in the snowmobile market. When the brand was founded more than 20 years ago, TOBE mainly sold their products through retailers in Scandinavia and Europe, and has since then built their brand by putting a greater focus on the lifestyle aspect connected to snowmobiles and winter sports, compared to their competitors who often focus on the vehicle aspect. This, in combination with investmenting in internationalization by growing their e-commerce, has in recent years caused sales to increase explosively – above all in markets outside of Sweden. After another boost in sales due to the pandemic, TOBE is now ready for the next step in their expansion journey. To support a massive growth plan in North America and in snowy focus markets in Europe, a new and upgraded e-commerce experience has been launched to help strengthen TOBE's position outside the Nordic region. The goal is to double the turnover from the previous year in 2023 and pass 10 MEUR – where at least 40% of sales is planned to go through the new e-commerce store.

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