Polaris Pro RMK 650 Matryx 155

January 2022 Feature Steve Janes

Back in the early 1970s there was a TV commercial that carried the theme “Try it; you’ll like it,” where two boys use their younger brother Mikey to test a new brand of cereal. Since then, there have been multiple marketing campaigns based on this same theme.

Although Polaris hasn’t dipped into ripping off a cliché marketing scheme, perhaps the company should consider this concept when introducing the Polaris Pro RMK 650 Matryx. For years I’ve promoted the 600 (now 650) class mountain sleds as something most snowmobilers would actually enjoy more than the 800s (now 850s). They are surprisingly powerful, easy to ride and have a user-friendly powerband. This holds true for the 2022 Pro RMK 650.

When Polaris first introduced the Matryx platform on its trail models, you could see some unique characteristics that would certainly migrate to the mountain segment. It moved the rider position forward and made a more centered riding position which would translate into easier sidehilling and better balance control in terrain. It put the rider more in control and more active rather than reactive.

By adapting this platform to a mountain chassis, Polaris was able to re-design the seat, fuel tank, console, foot wells and bodywork to be narrower and lighter. The raised RMK Matryx platform allows the Pro RMK 650 to get out of the snow easier, eliminating drag. Being narrower makes it more nimble in the trees, allowing you to wiggle in and out of tight locations.

The Pro RMK 650 features a tapered and sculpted tunnel that cuts through the deep powder more easily. It allows the snowmobile to hold the steepest sidehills without washing out on the snow. The front of the running boards has been re-designed and now features an adjustable toe hood. This enables the rider to adjust the opening size to match his boot with three different toe hook heights. Or the toe hook can be completely removed to open up even more space for foot positioning.

Although many mountain riders believe you need the longest track available to go through deep snow, the 155-inch Series 6 track will get you everywhere you want to go. It comes with the QuickDrive belt drive system that replaces the chain case and a lot of rotating mass, making it respond quicker and smoother. You can also opt for the 2.75-inch Series 8 track that comes with the low-inertia QuickDrive2 system.

The Pro RMK 650 comes with the React Suspension up front that is specifically designed to deliver an effortless ride in the deep snow. With an adjustable ski stance (36 to 38 inches), you can easily initiate sidehills and hold its edge with less muscle and physical exertion. It has a sway bar designed for predictable handling, and forged a-arms and spindles optimized for strength and durability.

The rear skid features the Pro RMK Suspension, a lightweight, rigid rear suspension design with revised geometry to control pitch. This improves weight transfer that allows you to lift the front over obstacles and pick your lines with ease. The Pro RMK 650 comes with Walker Evans Racing monotube impact-extruded shocks which are lightweight and durable.

A new Centralized Cooling System has been designed to improve engine cooling while snow and ice build up. Also, the 7S Display with Ride Command gauge is an available option for the Pro RMK 650.

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