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2022 Ski-Doos

June 2021 Feature

Last year the big bang for mountain riders came from the first two-stroke factory installed Ski-Doo turbo. This year, although there has been some significant improvements in the mountain segment, it’s the trail riders that get treated with the most significant new (or should we say re-newed) model and technology advancement.

Back for a very limited (one year) run after a 14-year hiatus, the Mach Z will give trail riders something to talk about. Technology-wise, Ski-Doo is also releasing Smart-Shox, the first semi-active snowmobile suspension that adjusts on the fly according to the real-time conditions.

But first, let’s talk about what’s new for mountain riding.

You could say Ski-Doo engineers were a little “narrow” minded when they looked to improve the Summit X w/Expert package. Realizing that stability in terrain is entirely different than stability on trail, they narrowed the ski stance even more to improve the sled’s “leanability” on sidehills and carving through trees. The narrow skis provide a wider sweet spot when maintaining a chosen line in extreme terrain.

The Summit X also gets the lightweight hood that came on last season’s turbo vision to shed a few more pounds off the sled.

To fill the gap (and it was rather huge) between the Summit X and the Summit SP, Ski-Doo has introduced its newest model, the Summit Edge that will be available in-season (not just for the pre-season sales), allowing Ski-Doo riders a little more time to make a purchase decision without giving up all the best features like Shot starter, lightweight components and a short tunnel design.

Since the Summits don’t have any significant storage capacity, the LinQ mounts for tunnel bags will come standard on the sled (you will still need to purchase the accessory bag that suits your storage needs).

Meet Me At The Summit

When a rider talks about “that feeling” of riding in deep snow, it’s indescribable. It’s treasured and chased by all, especially Summit deep snow riders. Effortlessly carving through chest-deep powder, climbing steep inclines, cutting tight tree lines or high marking uncharted terrain, the ability to be all-conquering in deep snow begins with the REV Gen4 platform. The open cockpit design lets riders move about freely while the centrally balanced engine allows input to be directed almost telepathically. 

Power in the deep snow segment was redefined with the introduction of the Rotax 850 E-Tec, then the 600R E-Tec and pushed even further with the world’s first factory-produced 2-stroke turbocharged engine in the 850 E-Tec Turbo. With no turbo lag, the 850 E-Tec Turbo keeps the same instant response from the 850 E-Tec that riders have fallen in love with. 

For 2022 the Summit X with Expert Package builds on its reputation for leading the deep snow segment forward by going narrower. The ski stance changes to an adjustable 33.7-inches to 35.4-inches wide for even more maneuverability in technical terrain. Plus, there’s a brake reservoir protector standard. 

The all new Summit Edge has some of the most innovative and proven mountain technology like the short tunnel and SHOT starter along with key features from the Expert Package that will satisfy many riders. Ski-Doo is again offering two calibrations for the drive train on Summit X and Expert package models (only); One for high altitude, above 4,000 feet, and a sea level calibration for those who ride below 4,000 feet on select engine and track configurations.

Free Riding

Ski-Doo Freeride is the perfect match for those who like pushing everything to the edge. It delivers unmatched power–everywhere. The legendary Rotax 850 E-Tec does just that, plus there’s the Rotax 850 E-Tec Turbo that takes it even further for those riding at altitude. 

The turbo powerplant delivers the full 165 horsepower of the Rotax 850 E-TEC up to 8,000 feet and continues to add a massive 40-hp advantage above that mark over the normally aspirated 850 E-TEC, and does so with zero throttle lag and about half the weight penalty of a typical aftermarket turbo kit. 

Freerides are built on the strong and responsive REV Gen4 platform with centralized engine placement and open cockpit design so riders can move about freely. The short tunnel design assures the sled can move about freely, too, with more maneuverability and less power being robbed by snow packing at the rear. Big hits are absorbed by limit-pushing KYB Pro series shocks the riders revere, featuring adjustable compression damping for fine tuning.

Return of a Legend

For some riders it’s all about acceleration, speed and the chest pounding power that moves them to the front of the pack–fast, really fast. The legendary Mach Z comes back for 2022—and only for 2022—just to satisfy those Ski-Doo riders who are looking for the ultimate trail muscle sled.

For those following the history of the Mach Z, it was first introduced in 1993 and was called the Formula Mach Z. It replaced the 1992 Formula Mach 1. Then in 1996 it dropped the “Formula” and became the Ski-Doo Mach Z. It had a good run over the next decade. In 2008 it became the Ski-Doo Mach Z 1000. Then it was retired from the line.

Mach Z riders have always valued two things: power and speed. Based on the agile and responsive REV Gen4 platform, and the industry’s best suspensions, rMotion X and RAS X with rack steering, the Mach Z features precise handling, incredible comfort and versatility to be both a speed runner and a trail sled.  With the first semi-active suspension system ever for snowmobiles, Smart-Shox (more on this later), Mach Z riders benefit from handling and comfort levels you just can’t get with standard dampers. 

The heart of any muscle sled is the engine and the Mach features the new Rotax 900 ACE Turbo R powerplant that delivers 180 horsepower. And if you want a holeshot, well just test out the exclusive Launch Mode. This system is designed to raise the engine rpm without engaging the clutches until the flag drops. All that power is delivered by a fortified pDrive primary clutch and QRS vented secondary clutch to a choice of a 2-ply 137 x 1.25-inch RipSaw II or a single ply 137 x 15 x 1.25 Ice Ripper XT track.

Being A Renegade

Renegade riders refuse to be boxed in. They want the freedom to wander outside the lines when they color their unique, picture-perfect ride. The 2022 Ski-Doo Renegade fits that profile perfectly, and it offers the most choices of any Ski-Doo model to tailor the ride even further.

The 137-inch track length smoothes any trail and has the versatility with just enough extra flotation to exploit single track and give riders a taste of what lies off trail on the other side of the snow banks. Based on the agile and responsive REV Gen4 platform, and the industry’s best suspensions, the Renegade offers precise handling on the trail, incredible comfort and the capability for the occasional fresh foray. 

Powerful Rotax 2-stroke and 4-stroke engine options let riders pick the performance benefits they value most. Choice of the Rotax with 850 or 600R E-TEC advanced direct injection or the 600 EFI 2-strokes deliver lightweight fun and 600 ACE, 900 ACE, 900 ACE Turbo or new 900 ACE Turbo R 4-strokes await to deliver epic thrills and unforgettable moments. 

New in 2022 is the first semi-active suspension system ever seen in snowmobiles, Smart-Shox. Plus, there’s an expansion of the rMotion X, RAS X and Pilot X and TX. These suspensions and ski make the industry-best chassis dynamics available to more riders, all season. 

The highly successful Renegade Sport returns for those looking for big value at a great price. It features the industry’s leading REV Gen4 platform with the advanced Rotax power in either 2-stroke or 4-stroke choice; 4-stroke Rotax 600 ACE and the 2-stroke 600 EFI. Renegade riders truly have their pick of the very best options in any price range.

Other Ski-Doo Highlights

Ski-Doo has taken handling, comfort and capability into the future with Smart-Shox, the first semi-active snowmobile suspension system. Controlling both compression and rebound shock damping, the system reads inputs from five different chassis sensors every millisecond, along with engine parameters and vehicle speed to adjust damping as needed based on the rider’s choice of three available on-the-fly settings. 

Shock adjustments are a thing of the past as automatic control of chassis roll, landings, anti-bottoming, anti-dive and launch attitude just got real. Now riders experience significantly improved stability, higher levels of confidence, better comfort without sacrificing capacity and ultimately less fatigue so they can extend those epic days. 

The most powerful engine ever offered in a Ski-Doo, the new Rotax 900 ACE Turbo R, delivers 180 horsepower. Based on the previous generation it gets bigger injectors, increased boost and optimized intake and exhaust to supply the extra power. The compact design and packaging allows riders to have a better all-around experience while still scorching the straightaways in style. 

More of a great thing is coming as rMotion X, RAS X and the Pilot X and TX skis expand across most Ski-Doo trail models for 2022. Having earned a stellar reputation for cornering, capacity and comfort these components combined with the REV Gen4 platform deliver unbeatable ride and handling quality.  

Enduro and Grand Touring models get rMotion X with ACS (Air Controlled Suspension) This is a one-two punch that many trail riders are going to love. Adding Air Controlled Suspension (ACS) to the rMotion X gives riders of sleds equipped with it the best in comfort and capacity and then allows easy on the fly preload adjustment with the push of a button on the handlebars. 


Lynx Sited In North America

As the European snowmobile market grows, one of its best selling lines will now be exported to North America. Initially, BRP is bringing two high-end Lynx snowmobile models to North America, the Lynx RAVE RE, built to enhance the thrill of trail riding, and the Lynx Boondocker DS, made to conquer the deep snow. Each of the models is for experienced, passionate riders looking for a totally new and exhilarating on-snow experience. 

“For the past decade, I have dreamed of bringing Lynx to the North American market not only to expand riders’ snowmobile options, but also to give them the opportunity to enjoy a very different riding experience,” said José Boisjoli, President and CEO. 

Geared toward hardcore enthusiasts, Nordic snowmobiling is a very active riding style without a lot of cruising or relaxed riding. It’s about exploring the unexplored. The Lynx RAVE RE and Boondocker DS models match that style with unique, high-end features that provide excellent handling characteristics to match the conditions of the ride. 

The Lynx mystique is born from its deep Nordic heritage, a rugged and tough grit to persevere and conquer. The demanding conditions of riding in or near the Arctic Circle shaped the design and engineering to withstand punishment where trail groomers don’t exist and to allow for Lynx snowmobiles to thrive in all snow conditions. 

The Lynx RAVE RE and two different length Lynx Boondocker DS models are now available for purchase this spring only, with a retail program that requires a deposit at select BRP dealers in North America. 

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