Alpha One Leads Way

2022 Arctic Cat Mountain Lineup

June 2021 Feature

When Arctic Cat introduced the Alpha One single-beam rear suspension, it changed the dynamics of mountain riding. Not only did this new suspension simplify the rear skid, it allowed the track to mold with the terrain to provide the best hookup in any type of snow. And the more time Cat engineers have to tweak its handling characteristics, the more applications they find to expand the suspension design in other models and track lengths.

“We are excited about this coming year and for the powersports industry as a whole,” said Troy Halvorson, vice president of Arctic Cat. “There’s an excellent demand for product. People are getting outside and enjoying our products, both on snow and dirt.”

Even with the challenges that Covid has created, Halvorson said Arctic Cat is figuring out ways to test and develop new product so the consumer can continue to enjoy the best possible snowmobiling experience.

For 2022, Cat has figured out a way to more efficiently get power to that track by designing a new drive system—the Arctic Cat Adapt CVT. With a lighter-weight, narrower design, and an advanced idler system, Adapt maintains constant belt tension throughout the ride—resulting in minimized wear and longer belt life. You always have the proper adjustment, even when you change from a used belt to a new one.

“This new system is fully designed, engineered and tooled by Arctic Cat,” explained Brian Dick, who has been the director of Product Strategy for Arctic Cat during the development of this new clutch system. It is a lightweight clutch, quicker and more durable.

The system also features lower inertia giving it quicker throttle response for more-consistent performance. It will deliver better performance and serviceability. It will be on all full-sized sleds this year.

Also for model year 2022, Cat is adding a 146-inch track Hardcore Alpha One for a more playful and agile ride, and the Mountain Cat Alpha One 154-inch is now available with the industry-leading ATAC adjustable on-the-fly suspension system. 

Both the Mountain Cat Alpha One and Hardcore Alpha One are powered by a 165-horsepower class Next-Gen C-Tec2 8000 794cc engine delivering clean Arctic Cat 2-stroke engine performance and technology. Arctic Cat’s full-size mountain models feature the narrow-profile bodywork that is the hallmark of the Ascender platform plus the lightweight Arctic Mountain Suspension with mountain-specific spindle geometry. The sleds’ 35.5-inch to 37.5-inch stance enables better side hilling, reduced drag in the snow, and optimal handling. The models also feature a vertical steering post, 11.7-gallon fuel tank and a front-mounted heat exchanger that doesn’t trap snow.

The M 8000 models feature a 154-inch or 165-inch Power Claw track featuring a single row of track windows. The Mountain Cat is available with a deep-powder 3-inch lug while the Hardcore has 3-inch or 2.6-inch lug options. For 2022, a third track option, a 146-inch with 2.6-inch lug, is available on the Hardcore. All Alpha One Power Claw track designs bend and conform to the snow, whether the sled is on a side hill, flat surface or going straight up the mountain.

M 8000 Mountain Cat Alpha One–Last year, Arctic Cat offered the 165-inch Mountain Cat with the ATAC On-the-Fly Suspension System for the ultimate deep snow ride experience. This year, the technology is added to the 154-inch sled. The system allows riders to adjust the suspension for any riding condition. 

ATAC uses a thumb-operated button on the left handlebar to control the Fox Float iQS rear-track shock and the ski shocks. With the push of a button, the rider can instantly switch between three factory compression settings—soft, medium and firm—in under 0.5 seconds. 

The non-ATAC Mountain Cat models feature the proven Fox Float QS3 shocks all around with easy adjustability for maximum deep-snow performance. 

M 8000 Hardcore Alpha One—For the enthusiast looking for a lighter-weight, playful, spirited sled that is easy to maneuver when carving, climbing, and conquering the meadows and mountainsides, the new 146-inch Hardcore Alpha One is the perfect sled. The track’s 2.6-inch lug features additional side towers and a 2.86 pitch for more bite in varying snow conditions making it perfect for a wide range of backcountry terrain. 

Other track options for the Hardcore Alpha One include a 154-inch Power Claw track in either a deep powder 3-inch or versatile 2.6-inch lug, and a 165-inch Power Claw track with 3-inch lug. 

All Hardcore models come equipped with coil-over Fox Zero QS3 coil-over shocks for maximum adjustability. 

2022 Arctic Cat Crossover Lineup

Last year, Arctic Cat revolutionized the crossover category by adding the Alpha One Single-Beam Rear Suspension to the Riot X for deep-snow riding. This model year, the Riot 8000 and Riot X offer further innovation with the addition of models featuring the ATAC On-the-Fly Suspension System. 

To complement that blend, riders can choose from the C-TEC2 lightweight 6000 or Next-Gen 8000 engines. 

RIOT 6000 and 8000—The Riot 6000 and 8000 models are the perfect blend of crossover performance thanks to a combination of the ARS II front suspension and the Cross-Action Rear Suspension. This uncoupled suspension provides excellent bump absorption and cornering on the trail and great weight transfer off-trail that gets the front end up with every hit of the throttle. 

RIOT X—Featuring the Alpha One Suspension, this is the perfect sled for the crossover rider who spends most of the time in the deep snow. Built on the Ascender mountain platform with an industry-leading approach angle and narrow bodywork, the sled uses the lightweight Arctic Mountain Suspension out front featuring mountain spindles and geometry for easy carving in snow and on hardpack. Its adjustable 39.5- to 41.5-inch ski stance and vertical steering post deliver excellent side hilling capability and confident handling in a wide range of crossover conditions. A Power Claw 2.6-inch Alpha paddle track features an aggressive off-trail, all-snow condition design with a 2.86-inch pitch and unique internal track construction.

2022 Arctic Cat Trail Lineup

Trail riders can have their choice of power as Arctic Cat offers three engine options for 2022—the C-Tec2 599cc, 2-stroke 6000 Series with 125-class horsepower; the C-Tec2 794cc, 2-stroke 8000 Series with 165-class horsepower; or the C-Tec4 998cc, 4-stroke 9000 Series DOHC Turbo Triple with 200-class horsepower. 

The full-size trail sleds feature the benchmark, race-proven ProCross chassis that delivers an ultra-rigid platform and optimal riding position. Up front, the next generation of the Arctic Race Suspension offers confidence-inspiring steering characteristics that were achieved by increasing the sled’s ski pressure. Slide-Action Rear Suspension boasts 13.5 inches of travel. The models feature a 137-inch Ripsaw II track with 1.25-inch lug for excellent performance in a wide-variety of trail conditions. 

For 2022, all full-size trail sleds receive the new Arctic Cat Adapt CVT System for improved performance and serviceability. Arctic Cat also is offering an EPS Thundercat model with Arctic Cat’s ATAC.

ZR 6000/8000 LTD—Riders who want a 2-stroke trail experience with additional premium features and easily adjustable suspension calibration can opt for two different shock packages on the LTD models, the manually adjusted Fox QS3 or adjust-on-the-fly ATAC package with FOX iQS shocks. 

The first clean technology Arctic Cat 2-stroke engine, the 6000-Series 599cc C-Tec2 with Dual-Stage Injection leads the 125-hp class in performance. The next-generation 8000-SeriesC-Tec2 engine also delivers a new level of clean Arctic Cat 2-stroke engine performance and technology. 

ZR 6000, ZR 8000 RR—The ZR line of race sleds includes the race-replica ZR 6000 and 8000 RR. Featuring three compression settings (soft, medium and firm) that can be easily adjusted with a dial mounted on the remote reservoir, Fox Zero RC shocks are built for changing terrain. Their remote reservoir delivers fade-free runs, while coil-over springs even out the bumpiest rides. 

ZR 9000 Thundercat—This year, Arctic Cat went full throttle with the addition of Electronic Power Steering for the first time ever on the high-performance, turbocharged ZR 9000 Thundercat. The 9000-series C-Tec4 turbocharged three-cylinder engine delivers max horsepower in any conditions. The ultimate 4-stroke powerhouse, it produces 200hp-class performance at 8750 rpm. 

2022 Arctic Cat Mid-Size Lineup

Last season Arctic Cat revolutionized the snowmobile industry with the introduction of Blast, a family of true mid-size snowmobiles offering technology and performance at a value. For 2022, joining the Blast M 4000, Blast ZR 4000 and Blast LT 4000 is the Blast XR 4000 and the Blast XR Touring 4000. 

At the heart of the Blast models is the industry’s first electronic fuel-injected, single-cylinder, 2-stroke engine. The 65-plus horsepower-class C-Tec2 4000, 397cc engine has both plenty of snap for the experienced rider and smooth power delivery for a new rider. 

To complement the engine, the mid-size chassis is extremely lightweight, delivering effortless maneuverability at any skill level. The mid-size seat makes it simple for the rider to transfer weight when cornering. The Blast models feature a key start so the rider can just turn the key and go. 

Blast XR 4000 and XR Touring 4000—To expand the Blast family, Arctic Cat is introducing a crossover and touring sled to complement the mid-size offering. The new Blast XR 4000 is a versatile, fun sled for the trail rider who occasionally likes to explore off-trail, while the Blast XR Touring 4000 provides an enjoyable ride for two. 

Blast M 4000—Built for the new mountain rider but still a blast in the backcountry for the experienced rider, the new Blast M 4000 combines the DNA of the full-size M 8000 models with a smaller stature and mill, offering a fun and easy deep-snow experience. Similar to its full-sized counterparts, the Blast M 4000 features the front Arctic Mountain Suspension with lightweight spindles and mountain-specific suspension geometry. 

Blast ZR 4000—The Blast ZR 4000 is a true mid-size trail package. The AMS front suspension offers 7.2 inches of front travel, an adjustable 37.5-38.5-inch ski stance and is equipped with 6-inch trail skis. In back, the slide-rail suspension with dual shock and adjustable torsion springs provides 10.7 inches of rear travel and plenty of agility to conquer every twist and turn on the trail. A 121-inch standard track with 1-inch lug provides all the traction needed for various conditions. 

Blast LT 4000—The Blast LT 4000 has an AMS front suspension with 7.2 inches of travel, an adjustable 37.5-38.5-inch ski stance and is equipped with 6-inch trail skis. A 146-inch Cobra track with 1.6-inch lug provides the perfect grip for a wide variety of tasks. The model also features a 15.5-inch windshield to protect the rider from the elements. 

Arctic Cat is offering a full line of accessories for the Blast models including front bumpers, ice scratchers, hand guards and storage options for a wide variety of rider needs. 

2022 Arctic Cat Sport Utility

For Model Year 2022, Arctic Cat is excited to continue to offer the Norseman X 8000 as its full-size Sport Utility sled. The Norseman X 8000 is perfect for the rider who needs a powerful and functional snowmobile to take on any task. The Norseman X 8000 is powered by the proven C-TEC2 2-stroke, 794cc 8000-Series engine that provides the grunt needed to get the job done. 

2022 Arctic Cat Youth Lineup

The Arctic Cat 2022 youth lineup consists of two snowmobiles designed for kids to enjoy the riding experience. The ZR 120 is perfect for young, first-time riders, while the ZR 200 is trail-certified so youth riders can ride the trails with their parents.

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