2022 Polaris Patriot Boost Matryx Slash RMK

March 2021 Feature, Polaris Steve Janes

After months of speculation, rumors and hearsay, Polaris has laid its cards on the table and unveiled a winning hand—the new Pro RMK Matryx Slash featuring the Patriot Boost turbocharged powerplant.

After standing pat on its 2021 mountain line, Polaris went all in for 2022 by taking the most powerful naturally aspirated Polaris snowmobile engine ever and giving it a boost—the Patriot Boost engine.

By taking the proven durability with the class-leading Patriot 850 engine, Polaris raised the ante by introducing a ready-to-ride, all-new Smart Boost system that delivers consistent performance and comes with a factory warranty. This turbo system doesn’t dominate the ride. It allows the natural power of the 850 to do its thing … then kicks in when you grab full throttle and expect full performance. And when you grab the throttle, the power never tops out … at least as long we could go full throttle on it.

How much power you ask? (As though you are calling a bluff.) Well, read them and weep—the Patriot Boost offers 10 percent more power than naturally aspirated 850 Patriot at sea level, and 50 percent more power at 10,000 feet. With nine psi of boost, the 2022 RMK Matryx Slash Boost will be the most powerful stock mountain snowmobile ever built. When you grab a handful of throttle, you better know when to hold them … we’re talking about the handlebars. This raw power pulls hard.

The Patriot engines feature unrivaled acceleration and ultimate response. When Polaris engineers first started designing the Patriot engine, their intentions were to make it the foundation of a “monster motor.” From the beginning of its inception, the Patriot was built to generate power. It was also designed to make this power, even with high boost, perform on pump gas. Starting with the 800 HO engine, the SmartBoost Combustion Control System has been in development stages for multiple years.

The Patriot Boost system controls the amount of boost needed so there is no need for driver adjustments (except with your right thumb and the throttle lever). Updated crank seals provide for greater pressure capability. An updated piston (new Polaris-exclusive alloy with unique geometry changes) accommodate for the turbocharged applications. Also, a new higher resolution flywheel improves starting.

As for the turbo itself, the vertically mounted lightweight turbocharger is 40 percent lighter than aftermarket turbos. Its design features a scalloped, reverse rotating turbine and patent-pending exhaust and wastegate system.

We’re still learning more about the unique and interesting features and performance characteristics as we spend more time riding this beast. It is definitely a very different type of turbo system from what we’ve seen on snowmobiles.

Polaris has used the same throttle body and fuel system on the Patriot engine as used on their race engines. The intake reed is custom designed for naturally-aspirated-like response.

Also, Polaris has made some clutch changes to accommodate the added power of the turbo. The new P22 Drive Clutch with idler bearing to eliminated belt deflection and adjustments is available on the Patriot Boost models.

Although the turbo represented the ace in the hole for the 2022 Polaris model line, don’t assume that all Polaris has is this high card. When you look at the complete Matryx Slash package you will recognize a royal flush.

Polaris has taking the best characteristics from the AXYS platform and merged them with the Matryx platform. This means the competition is in for a bad beat when trying to stay with this sled in deep snow. The short, tapered tunnel allows the sled to glide through deeper snow with virtually no drag. A new Centralized Cooling System reduces ice and snow build-up, working with the short, tapered tunnel. Not only is the dry weight reduced, the real world weight of the sled operating in deep snow is reduced. 

All 2022 RMK Matryx models still feature the RMK React Suspension that initiates sidehills effortlessly and holds the line while under the gun to deal the most predictable ride in extreme terrain. It features a 36-38 inch ski stance with a sway bar designed for predictable handling, and forged A-arms and spindles optimized for strength and durability.

The Pro RMK Rear Suspension features a lightweight, rigid design with revised geometry to control pitch. This improves weight transfer, delivering better control and a more compliant ride. The rigid suspension delivers power directly to the snow. Off-trail, riders will notice improved weight transfer while maintaining the approach angle. On-trail, riders will notice a more compliant and comfortable ride. The rear suspension features a rail design that helps lift the rear skid while driving the sled forward. 

So if you are thinking its time to shuffle the deck, cut the cards and ante up for a new snowmobile, the smart money is on SmartBoost. But you must play your hand now during SnowCheck since the Polaris Pro RMK Matryx Slash Boost is a spring-only model. The big pot goes to those who commit now. 

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