2022 Lynx in USA

Nordic-Style Riding Comes To North America

March 2021 Feature Steve Janes Web Exclusive

In a rare freak of nature, the editors were not only able to spot and photograph this elusive creature, but we were able to throw our legs over it and take it for a ride.

            In a surprise move, BRP has brought its best-selling European snowmobile brand—Lynx—to North America. The move marks the first time in decades that a new sled brand has been introduced to the region, and it brings with it an entirely new Nordic riding style, something that many advanced riders have been craving for years.

            Initially, BRP is bringing two high-end Lynx snowmobile models—the Boondocker DS (mountain sled) and the RAVE RE (trail sled). Geared toward hardcore enthusiasts, Nordic snowmobiling is a very active riding style without a lot of cruising or relaxed riding. It’s about exploring the unexplored. Perfect for areas with few groomed trails.

            Here are seven things we noticed right off the bat.

            1—Things aren’t in inches. What we normally view as a 165-inch track is now a 4100. We’re dealing with the metric system. The 154-inch track is the 3900. We have no idea how many millimeters deep the lugs are (they measure 3-inches on my American-made tape measure) … but they certainly hook up hard in the snow.

            2—The ski sure looks big. It’s called a lightweight ski (actually, it’s called the Blade DS+ deep snow ski) but it looks a little heavier that what we’re use to. But on the hardpack it holds a sure edge and in the deep snow it tends to float on top well.

            3—The front end looks a lot like a Ski-Doo, but the shocks are on the high-end side of quality. The Lynx comes with KYB 36 Kashima shocks. It has a 36-inch ski stance on the LFS front suspension. Its unique agility delivers predictability in technical riding.

            4—The rear end is an entirely different creature. It’s called a PPS2 DS+ suspension. We assume DS+ is for deep snow. But it’s actually for deep moguls and hard-pounding terrain. When you look under it, you notice a long shock running parallel to the tunnel, tucked up and out of sight. The one characteristic we noticed is this suspension will dig deep into the snow searching for traction … you really don’t want to try to follow this thing through the trees.

            5—The short Radien DS tunnel provides maximum control in deep snow and on steep slopes. The BoonDocker seat is lightweight and designed to be low and out of the way for easier movement from side to side. The seat is also a little narrower (you notice more of the structural frame exposed).

            6—Speaking of the rear end, you notice first that there is no snow flap (you also notice there isn’t much tunnel as well). Then you notice a bar bolted to the rear and extending just beyond the end of the track. Actually, this bar is the snow flap (we really don’t know what they drink in those Scandinavian countries but it certainly causes them to think outside the box). But before you pass judgment, this thing does deflect snow and facilitates the cooling process of the snowmobile.

            7—So this is the Lynx. It has a lot of similarities with Ski-Doos, like the Rotax 850 E-Tec engine, Shot starting, LinQ accessories, etc. But it rides differently. It’s probably closer in performance to the Ski-Doo Freeride or Arctic Cat Hardcore because of its big-bump capabilities. But it’s still unique to our North American riding style.

The Lynx is easy and precise control. It pulls hard and displays strong power and brute performance from perfect powder days to the not so perfect hard crusty snow days. Its riding characteristics especially shine in aggressive, fast paced, deep snow riding where the groomers can’t get. 

            For additional information visit www.brplynx.com.


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