Utah Snowmobile Show Kicks Of Sledding Season

Who was that masked man?

November 2020 Feature Steve Janes Web Exclusive

Despite the constant uncertainty with Covid-19 conditions across the country, the 2020-21 snowmobile season finally had its official start as several thousand enthusiasts defied public fears of the Chinese flu and flocked to the Mountain America Exposition Center in Sandy, UT, Oct. 30-31.

Although it was held on Halloween, the only masks seen were those dictated by state officials … and those who chose to attend were willing to cover up their smiling faces for a little while in order to enjoy the opportunity to see all the new snowmobile product on display.

Here is a photo essay of what was available during the two-day event.

  • People were lining up at the door waiting to start of the 2020-21 snowmobile season at the Utah Snowmobile Show in Sandy, UT, Oct. 30-31.
  • The staff at SnoWest Magazine was on hand to offer masks for anyone who may not have one and for whatever reason wasn’t aware of the mask mandate in the state of Utah … which had been blasted across the radio and TV for several days.
  • Attendees were required by the facility to fill out an Attendee Contact Tracing Form before entering the exhibition halls. (One small price we were forced to pay in order to enjoy the event.)
  • Although people came in empty handed, most left the show packing items they purchased which will make this season on snow that much more enjoyable.

 Products Highlight Event

There was a lot going on during the two-day event. But definitely it was all the products available at great buys that highlighted the Snowmobile Show.  Unlike purchasing product on-line, those who attended could see exactly what they wanted, try it on or handle it prior to purchasing … and then not have to wait a week to have it delivered to their home.

Avalanche Gear: There were several exhibitors with complete line of shovels, probes, beacons and bags.

Clothing & Apparel: Everything you need to stay safe, warm and dry during the winter was on display at the Utah Snowmobile Show. This is always the best place to get the best prices for the best products.

Clubs & Associations: If you are looking to find like-minded people who to develop lasting friendships, there are clubs and associations waiting to welcome new members in.

Snowmobile Decks: If you don’t like pulling trailers, you may want to check out these deck designs that are quick and easy to use.

Destinations: If you are looking for exciting new adventures, you could check out these riding destinations.

Exhaust Systems: One of our best “performance enhancing” modification recommendations is a lightweight exhaust system … and there were plenty to choose from.

Graphics & Wraps: If looks are important, you definitely want to see all the options available with custom wraps.

Oils: There were some great buys on fuel injection oil.

Suspensions: If you were looking to improve your ride, there were some great suspension products that could take the chatter out of those bumps.

Trailers: There’s no better way to closely examine a snowmobile trailer that inside a nice clean facility where you can really take the time to look closely at all the features available.

Turbos: If you were looking for power, you can’t beat the performance generated by turboed sleds. And there were plenty of choices available … even a supercharger or two.

Odds & Ends: Of course there are hundreds of other products that can make your snowmobiling experience even more enjoyable.

2021 Snowmobiles: And a snow show wouldn’t be complete without the new model snowmobiles. Ski-Doo was present in full force. Polaris had good representation. But apparently the Chinese flu kept Arctic Cat and Yamaha at home this year.

We will keep you posted on the status of the Idaho Snowmobile Show in Boise. Right now we’re juggling venues trying to find one that will allow us to host the event in late November.

Other Observations

  • Snow bikes seem to be a non issue at this year’s show.
  • Clothing is always the popular consumer purchasing item.
  • Face masks suck … and so do the Covid contact tracing forms.
  • Masks really muffle the excitement and sounds of a snow show.
  • People are really tired of masks … and from wearing them.
  • Lots less eating and drinking happening at the show… wonder why?
  • Huge reduction in U of U or BYU apparel (and the PAC 12 leadership sucks … but that’s a different Covid-related topic).
  • New faces at the SnoWest show booth (but with the masks, who would know).
  • Wider isles tend to allow people to linger longer without creating traffic jams.
  • Mask demographics: 46 percent cover both mouth and nose; 33 percent cover mouth only; 21 percent are only used to hold up chin.
  • Fewer people were trying on helmets.
  • Wearing my mask caused my face to sweat and break out... but several attendees commented on how it improved my looks.
  • No snowmobile action videos or DVD sales.
  • Most conversations began with phase “masks suck.”
  • Noticeable absence of happy smiles on attendees, perhaps due to manditory face coverings.
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