Redefining Trail Sleds

Introducing a new level of technology

October 2020 Feature Steve Janes

What happens when you put a mountain rider on a trail sled? Well, usually you end up with a trail sled buried up to its bars off trail in the trees. That’s because we usually get bored with trail riding after about five minutes and wander a little bit too far off trail, tempting fate and deep snow.

But what happens when you put a mountain rider on a snowmobile with the latest engineering and design that allows you to attack the bumps and twisty turns like you’re on the latest new ride at an amusement park?

When you can blast over the holes, race through the turns and fly down the straight-of-ways … you find that you’re having way too much fun to even think about wandering off the trail and into the trees.

This past spring Polaris introduced its new Matryx platform that is likely heir-apparent to the AXYS platform. Its new design puts the rider in more control of the ride.

The Matryx platform will be available on two lines—the Indy and Switchback. On the Indy line there will be two trims, two engine sizes and six track options. On the Switchback there will be only one trim but two engine options.

The SnoWest crew was able to get seat time on four different units covering both models, both trims and both engine sizes. We were extremely impressed with how well these models handled the well-used trails of West Yellowstone, MT.

What’s The Matryx?

The Matryx is an all-new platform that includes a new Matryx race-inspired IFS front suspension. It allows riders to be a little closer to center in their setting position. The engineering focus was on acceleration, control and technology. 

Polaris wanted this new platform to deliver the best trail performance ever. (They added it to the Switchback line to make it the best handling crossover sled ever.) But Polaris didn’t want to stop there. The Matryx also had to deliver the ultimate reliability in every part and system. It had to have the look, the feel and the function designed specifically for rider needs.

The platform was designed around an aluminum and carbon fiber chassis with Structural Bonding for light weight.

Naturally the Matryx would receive the 850 Patriot engine that has become the showcase in the Polaris line. But it was the perfect vehicle to introduce the all-new 650 Liberty engine. The combination of chassis and engine delivers outstanding durability, unrivaled efficiency and class-leading acceleration.

Then, top it off with the latest technology available and you have a premium package designed to provide creature comforts and user-friendly features.

What’s Different?

So what makes the Matryx unique from the AXYS? The most notable difference is in the cockpit design—the front of the seat and fuel tank is nearly five inches narrower, which allows the rider to be tucked into the center of the sled and provides a greater range of movement. This translates to greater rider “body English” input which allows the snowmobile to corner flatter.

This allows your knees to be three inches closer, which gives you better side grip to your seat and allows you to lock into place on you sled.

This not only makes the Matryx more predictable, but the narrower cockpit and sculpted side panels are uniquely designed to create maximized wind protection with minimized bulk and weight.

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