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January 2020 Product Tests, News Steve Janes Web Exclusive

I have a problem. When I find something I like, I usually stick with it. That’s why I’ve been wearing my Klim pullover jacket and Klim bibs for about five years.

But during the last couple of years I have been criticized for wearing old styles and out-dated clothing … but it was comfortable and it worked. And to me, that’s more important than the latest styles and trends.

However, thing have just changed. Klim convinced me to try a few new products for 2020 … and wow, they were comfortable, offered great mobility and kept me dry. Oh, and they looked great. So at least for this year I will be back in style.

Klim PowerXross Pullover & Pants

First, although I’m a big fan of the Klim one-piece Lipsa suit, there are times when I prefer a two-piece suit. The PowerXross Pullover is lightweight, yet extremely effective in keeping the cold and moisture on the outside, not the inside.

Constructed with 3M Thinsulate Isolon (a warm synthetic insulation), it holds in the body heat while wicking away the moisture generated from sweat. It is designed to give you free movement … which is a necessity in mountain riding. The pants are constructed out of the same material and fits comfortably.

The PowerXross suit is designed to allow the rider to add/remove inner layers according to your riding style and comfort level. I added an inner layer (wind shirt) to increase my comfort level on the trail ride in to the higher elevations. But due to the breathability of the Klim suit, it allowed me to continue to wear the inner layer even though the temperature inversion at the higher elevation made it unnecessary.

Although we spent the day in deep powder snow, the pants stayed dry throughout the ride. The suit has become my new “go to” gear for extreme rides.

Klim F5 Koroyd Helmet

When it comes to helmets, anything can basically protect your head from tree branches. But not every helmet can fit comfortably and keep you from overheating (or getting too cold) during the course of a ride.

The F5 Koroyd features an all new design based on safety and protection, while delivering unique ventilation technology. At first I though maybe the helmet offered too much ventilation (Klim does offer an inner liner to shield some of its air flow),. However, even though I could feel the ventilation process while on the trail, it never got to the point where my head was uncomfortable. And once off the trail the ventilation process kept me from overheating.

Klim Viper Pro Snow Goggle

Complementing the F5 Koroyd Helmet, the Viper Pro Snow Goggle is a perfect match. It fits securely inside the helmet opening, allowing the goggle to “seal” securely to your face so no moisture can enter the cavity between the goggle and your eyes. This means the fogging process is greatly retarded and you aren’t constantly removing your goggles every time you stop your sled.

I selected the yellow tint goggle, which is perfect for an overcast or flat visibility day. I find the older I get, the more my eyes require more light. The grey or blue goggles just don’t allow enough light for me for the clear visibility on overcast days.

Klim PowerXross Gloves

Finally, to complete my new outfit, I went to the PowerXross gloves. I actually was anticipating a thinner glove better equipped for technical riding than for warmth. I was pleasantly surprised with the PowerXross glove delivered much more protection from the cold and wind than I expected.

I do have lighter Klim WindStopper gloves that are much thinner for when I get into the trees … but the PowerXross proved to be quite comfortable both on and off trail. They basically allowed me to eliminate my heavy gloves that are used only on cold rides from the trailhead to the mountain.

The beauty of the PowerXross glove is that the more you wear them, the more comfortable they become. Although they are designed to fit the contour of your hand, just like boots, they tend to “break in” the more you wear them.

Although I am constantly trying new products on the snow, you can bet these new Klim products will be part of my riding gear for several years to come … well beyond the time when I start to hear more complaints about wearing outdated equipment.

But when you find something that works great, it’s hard to give it up.

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