Even More News From Arctic Cat

October 2019 Feature

A few days ago we shared some big news from Arctic Cat—the partial release of its 2021 snowmobile lineup.

We knew that was going to be pretty big news so we waited so share the rest of the message from Cat. The other news comes from Cat’s parts and accessories side of the business.

That news includes:

  • Nearly every model comes with a ship-with kit that is discounted when purchased as a kit versus purchasing the components separately.
  • The second is a new program, “Give Your Cat an Extra Life,” which is a kit to extend the season of a customer’s Arctic Cat while they wait for their 2021 sled. Customers who pre-order before Dec. 31 will receive a discount on a kit of their choice from the kit list provided.

On the first kit mentioned above, an example of a Pro Kit for the Hardcore Alpha One is:

1)      Pro Mtn. Bumper (red or black)

2)      Mountain Pack

3)      Handlebar Bag

For the Mountain Cat Alpha One, the kit is similar and includes:

1)      Pro Mtn. Bumper (red)

2)      Mountain Pack

3)      Handlebar bag

According to Arctic Cat vice president Craig Kennedy, the company is also launching a new customer program. Any customer who pre-orders a 2021 snowmobile will be part of Cat’s new customer group. Existing members of Cat’s Pride or Team 2020 will be grandfathered into the group. There will be more information to come on this new customer group in the future.

More information on the rest of Arctic Cat’s 2021 lineup will be released sometime in mid-November.


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