Getting There Is Half The Fun … Tony Jenkins Talks About Sledding In Greenland

September 2019 Feature Web Exclusive

We’ve all heard the phrase, “getting there is half the fun.”

But not many of us can use that phrase the way Ski-Doo ambassador Tony Jenkins and his riding buddies can. They ventured to Greenland—yes, that Greenland—last April to snowmobile the mountains and valleys of that snow and ice covered country.

Wow, and the stories he has to tell from that trip. We visited with Jenkins for quite a while in September to hear some of the stories. We’re putting together a video of our conversation, along with a more detailed online and printed stories, which will be available soon.

In a nutshell, though, Jenkins flew from the United States to Iceland and then to Nuuk, the capital of Greenland. Greenland is an autonomous territory of Denmark and the world’s largest island.

In Nuuk, Jenkins and his riding group loaded up with supplies and boarded a ship that would be their home for the next week and a half. Yes, they loaded their sleds, mostly Lynx (owned by BRP/Ski-Doo) mountain sleds, on the ship, too.

From Nuuk, they travelled north (through thick ice at times) to Disko Island and then Saqqaq where they ventuered into the mountains and had all sorts of fun experiences.

Again, more to come, but here are a few of our favorite photos Jenkins shared with us.

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