review 2020 skidoo summit x w expert package

Amsnow is now

¦ Trimmed tunnel
Another change is a shortened tunnel. This allows for the easy evacuation of snow. By essentially taking the 154 tunnel and applying it to a 165 model the rider no longer fights the tunnel dragging the snow on deep powder days or on steep climbs. Just a word of caution to the rider: there is no longer a wheelie bar to keep you from going over backwards, just ask test rider Lonnie Thompson. While there is a snow flap available for the end of the tunnel we are not sure it is necessary as the sled temperature stayed down in warm and cold conditions. It helps that you can keep the ice scratchers down as they are now reverse compatible.

¦ Renovated runners
The full-length extruded aluminum grid-style running boards allow for better foot-forward position too, giving better weight geometry and greater control to the rider. The way the running boards are cut, snow buildup is virtually nonexistent, and there is plenty of room and grip without being heavy to allow the rider to quickly jump from one side to the other.

¦ Limiter strap
The new rear suspension tMotion limiter strap aims to modify the suspension allowing the rider to choose between a more grounded front end or a more playful one. While limiter straps in the past were usually ignored due to the inconvenience of adjusting, the tMotion adjuster gives riders two options for tailoring the ride without having to crawl under the sled.

¦ Enriched ergos and smoother shocks
The Expert Package includes additional ergonomic tweaks that make the sled easier and more comfortable to ride. Some of these include lower seat height, smaller diameter handlebars, and a lower and softer handlebar strap that isn’t continually bumping your face. Additionally, the handguards are flexible, allowing for easy adjustment without breaking.
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