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The snowmobile that participated in the wakeboard project has logged nearly 1,800 miles in the dirt, and it has driven from an elevation of 0 feet on dirt to 10,000 feet on snow. That same chassis is going into its third snowmobile season, having driven 12 months out of the year in every type of weather condition without having to travel to find optimal weather conditions.

“My favorite fact is the machine has also been used for many fundraisers and to help youth in need,” said Erickson. “I'm not exactly sure how much money it has raised, but it has definitely helped many families in difficult situations.”

Even with a wheel kit on, the Demon Machine rides and feels a lot like a snowmobile, so it’s a great way for sledding athletes to train during the offseason. Levi LaVallee has raced the vehicle around his own motocross track and absolutely loved it.

“Over the past couple of years, we've been developing what we hope will be a kit that people can use to gain more use out of the awesome performance that snowmobiles are capable of,” said Erickson. “Currently, the conversion from snow to dirt only takes about 90 minutes.”

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