alpha one suspension may prove a boon to small riders

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I was shocked multiple times seeing my own trench once I got to where I was going, because it didn’t feel like I was losing speed or digging to China to get there. The snow was deep, yet the sled monstered to where I wanted to go without bitching about getting there.

Lastly, there is the moment where you need to commit to being on one ski and full throttle to get out of a bad situation. With the monorail suspension, this will play out differently due to the maneuverability and rabbit-out-of-a-hat traction-finding ability. Now you can just creep it onto one ski with little effort, pick your new line, and cruise out like you’re driving Miss Daisy.

Alicia Martin is a former USXC and snowmobile Hillclimb racer. She also is a former Lockheed Martin engineer.
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