2020 Snow Launch: FXR Launches 2020 Line With Ground-Breaking New Helmet, Industry Exclusive Technology, 3-Year Warranty

August 2019 Feature

Winnipeg, MB - Innovation doesn’t simply happen. It requires purpose, hard work, collaboration and a belief in finding a better way. And when fueled by passion, there’s nothing you can’t achieve.

This is FXR. The company’s drive is unrelenting, its purpose is clear and its passion to ride never fades. FXR is the recognized leader in snowmobile outerwear. No other brand has more wins, more championships and is worn by more riders across the farthest reaches of the snowbelt. FXR is a community of enthusiasts, racers, riders, athletes, designers and engineers.

New: World’s Safest 6D Helmets Make Winter Debut

The 2020 Snow Collection from FXR is here and once again the recognized industry leader is introducing new technology, new materials and new styles to the sport. Leading the way is the all-new 6D ATR-2 Race Division and Patriot helmets. Developed in partnership with 6D Helmets, both introduce industry exclusive Omni-Directional Suspension (ODS) technology to the sport and a level of impact isolation simply unmatched by any other helmet design.

More than flashy graphics and countless vents, 6D ODS helmets feature a series of dampers mounted between the shell and absorption liner, allowing the liner to mitigate impacts in 3-dimensional space regardless of the energy or direction of the impact. Together, they work to protect the most important organ in your body—the brain. Significant testing has proven no other helmet comes even close to 6D in reducing the risk of concussions and other types brain trauma. They’re simply the most advanced and safest helmets the sport has ever seen.

FXR Expands Use Of Industry-Exclusive F.A.S.T. Flotation Assistant Technology

The FXR mission to deliver unprecedented protection doesn’t stop with the new 6D helmet. Its exclusive Float Assist Safety Tech (F.A.S.T.) insulation is back and featured as standard technology in more garments than ever before. More than just insulation for warmth, F.A.S.T. delivers buoyancy assistance for up to two hours, giving you time and confidence necessary to escape frigid waters should the unthinkable occur.

Not only does F.A.S.T. help to keep you afloat, it continues to insulate even when wet, giving you additional time to seek shelter. For 2020, you’ll find no compromise F.A.S.T.  in a  wide range of men’s and women’s jackets, pants and monosuits. It’s also featured throughout FXR’s entire children and youth outerwear selection for added safety and peace of mind you won’t find anywhere else.

New 3-Year Progressive Warranty For All Outerwear, Equipment

While some outerwear companies are making bold claims in regard to quality, FXR is backing it up with a new expanded 3-year progressive warranty. The new for 2020 assurance covers all outerwear and equipment including helmets, goggles, boots and gloves (excludes Race Division items). It’s just another example of FXR’s commitment to giving riders and FXR customers the absolute best experience.

Crossover Segment Expanded, Split Into Two Categories

The fast growing crossover segment has prompted FXR to expand its offerings two-fold for 2020 by introducing both Mountain Crossover and Performance Crossover lines. The split will help customers choose gear to best match conditions, climate and their riding style and location.

Mountain Crossover 

Engineered for backcountry riders who need the highest level of performance, FXR’s Mountain Crossover line utilizes Omni-Stretch for maximum mobility and ACMT to keep the rider dry and fight condensation throughout the ride.

Other advancements for 2020 include the expansion of FXR’s exclusive Dri-Link system. The extremely versatile design, which delivers the protection of a monosuit and the mobility and fit of two-piece, is now available as an optional accessory, allowing riders to mix and match Dri-Link jackets and pants within the Mountain Crossover category.

Performance Crossover

FXR’s new Performance Crossover segment is focused on Midwest and eastern riders who aren’t afraid to venture off the trail and explore. This collection focuses on F.A.S.T. insulation due to frequent encounters with the frozen rivers and lakes found in this type of terrain and is complemented by premium components and construction.

New Helmets

While the new 6D helmet will be grabbing headlines with its bold infusion of technology to the segment, FXR was equally busy within the modular helmet category this past off-season with the introduction of the all-new Maverick helmet. This premium helmet touts an advanced breath box, unprecedented fit, incredible comfort and is pleasingly quiet.

It’s joined by the new Clutch Helmet that blends performance, style and safety into an all-new design. Joining these helmets is the industry’s widest selection of gloves, boots and goggles, each touting best-in-class technology for the ultimate riding experience.


Elsewhere, the company continues to lead the category with the most robust and complete line of monosuits in the industry. In addition, no other outwear company in the sport has embraced and developed a more complete line of gear tailored for the growing snow bike market. The SX Pro line of outerwear is specifically engineered to meet the unique needs of snow bike ride


FXR’s continued partnership with Rockstar has allowed the company to reach beyond the enthusiast market and tap into the action sport lifestyle with gear that pushes limits in every way.

To learn more and see the complete 2020 FXR Snow Collection visit www.fxrracing.com. To order see your local FXR dealer or visit the website and click on Find a Dealer.

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