SnoWest Product Test—EVS Knee Guards

Saving Your Knees

April 2019 Snow Tests, News Steve Janes Web Exclusive

            If you spend a lot of time riding terrain, you are going to be up and down on your snowmobile countless times. Also, you’re going to be abusing your knees. Each time you move from front to back, side to side, it’s likely your knees are going to either bump into your snowmobile or support your weight as you pivot across your seat.

            At the end of the day, your knees will take a beating. So why not show them a little love and make it a little easier on them.

            The EVS TP199Lite Knee Guards provide the necessary protection for your knees during a strenuous day on the snow. The reactive memory foam knee cup not only provides cushion while kneeling, but also offers the shock resistance when your knees bang into your sled … or any other object that tends to get in the way during a day’s ride.

            The TP199Lite is actually designed for summertime sports like BMX or motorcycle riding … so it offers great ventilation and a comfort fit. But we’ve found them to work perfectly for snowmobiling. They have a low profile design so they’re not bulky and fit naturally while wearing snowmobile bibs or a one-piece suit.

            They fit snuggly to your leg, offering a little extra side-to-side support while remaining in place throughout the day. We find our knees feel much better at the end of the ride when wearing the TP199Lite. It’s nice to finish the day walking normal rather than hobbling around on sore knees.


Price: $75. Website:


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