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At Scorpion Homecoming in Crosby, MN on February 2, 2019, there were close to 100 Scorpions on display.

Dave Klein from central MN brought his great looking 1971 Scorpion Super Stinger 440cc CCW Mod sled to the show. It has been owned by his family since it was new. The bright red metal fleck free-air race hood came with a lot of vents to cool the race engine.

One great thing about these sleds was the super double bar rear bumper for easy lifting. Wider handle bars were used to improve steering. On these models, Scorpion put their 34-inch wide front end for better control so riders wouldn’t roll in the corners as easy.

Super Stingers came with a two-piece steel slide suspension that ran on the inside of the Poly track. Other sleds had rubber with steel cleats attached that worked better for traction and ride. This sled also featured a one-inch lower tunnel profile for racing with self-energizing brakes on the driven clutch. Needing a better stall on their drive clutch, they found that using rat-trap springs held higher engagement RPM to get off the starting line better.

Super Stingers were offered at cost to racers starting at $750 for 290cc and all the way to the large Hirth 793cc at $1,275.

In the summer of 1971, Scorpion had a few Super Stingers left over and sold them at rock-bottom prices. The 650cc Hirth first sold for $800 and the big 793cc Hirth sold for $850. It would be great to find one at that price now!

Dave sure took good care of his Super Stinger, it looks great! Thanks for showing us more great history.
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