Ski-Doo Launching Escape Mountain Video Series


Ski-Doo snowmobiles is launching a short video series next fall that combines the fun and challenge of an escape room with the rugged, beautiful setting of deep snow mountain snowmobiling.

People will be able to follow the exploits of five riders pushing the boundaries of adventure as they try to overcome Escape Mountain and the treacherous twists and turns the game brings.

The series will be a first for snowmobiling with the objective of reaching a larger audience while providing fun and entertainment for the core snowmobile market. The story pits man against nature with the outcome in doubt. Riders will understand the physical and mental challenges the five participants face as they dig out stuck sleds, navigate new terrain in snowy weather and more. Equally important and portrayed will be the fun and social bonding of riding with others—and everyone, including newcomers, gets a front row seat.

Ski-Doo is showcasing the most beautiful, remote backcountry locations that only snowmobilers, skiers and snowboarders can access—using the latest models with the best technologies and featuring some of their Brand Ambassadors in a way that will appeal to winter worshippers of all walks.

See the trailer here:




Featuring @craigmcmorris

@ashley_chaffin @tony_jenkins

@alfordrob & @seanpettit

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