It's Sixes

Two sleds that can't be beat

Published in the March 2019 Issue April 2019 Feature Steve Janes

The term “It’s Sixes” often implies that two things are basically identical … even though they aren’t the same. When it comes to two 600cc snowmobiles, these two sleds are extremely different but are basically the same. They make for a great ride.

Although most snowmobilers tend to feel they need the power of the “big guns” to make it up the mountain, more and more riders are finding that the Ski-Doo Summit SP 600 and the Polaris 600 Pro RMK are plenty capable of making it up the slopes.

Both are lost in the shadows of their 850 big brothers. Yet both tend to be over-achievers in deep snow. Perhaps it’s because they are lighter and simply match up well power-wise to their 155-inch tracks.

Time and again the editors of SnoWest have tried to put these two sleds to the test. But it seems like every time we get out on the snow with the intentions of doing nose-to-nose comparisons, we end up playing the day away because they are just that much fun to ride.

Both sleds have strengths and weaknesses … which basically align with the strengths and weaknesses we find on their 850 counterparts.

The lightest of the two is the 6 Pro RMK. It weighs in at 507 lbs. (full of fuel and ready to ride). The Summit SP 6 tips the scales at 528 lbs.—but feels much lighter on the snow.

In our most recent outing, we found the Ski-Doo a little easier to control which tends to work well when you’re picking your way through the trees. The Polaris handles the deeper snow a little better and stays level when climbing steep slopes. Again, about the same we find on the 850s.

The biggest advantage between the 600s and the 850s is the price. The Summit SP 6 is $12,099—that’s $2,400 cheaper than its 850 big brother. The 6 Pro-RMK is $12,299—about $1,300 cheaper than its big brother.

So when everything is considered, the two 6s come up sixes.

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