From the Magazine: 2020 Polaris Lineup

Published in the March 2019 Issue April 2019 Feature Lane Lindstrom

2020 Polaris Mountain Lineup

Polaris comes to the snow in 2020 with 15 different mountain models. About half the models come with the Liberty 800 powerplant while the other half feature the now-one-year-old Patriot 850 engine.

The 600 is in the lineup as well.

Just know that the Patriot 850 is still a SnowCheck exclusive for Polaris. If you want an RMK with that engine, pony up with some money this spring. The Patriot 850 will continue to come with a 4-year warranty.

2020 Lineup


600 RMK 144

600 Pro RMK 155

800 Pro RMK 155

850 Pro RMK 155

800 Pro RMK 163

850 Pro RMK 163

800 Pro RMK 174

850 Pro RMK 174

800 RMK Khaos 155

850 RMK Khaos 155

800 SKS 146

850 SKS 146

800 SKS 155

850 SKS 155

The 2020 Polaris mountain lineup has a net gain of two models compared to 2019. We lose the Polaris 800 RMK Assault 155 but gain the RMK EVO and two Khaos models.

Polaris, which celebrates 65 years of designing and manufacturing snowmobiles this year, emphasized the importance of the SnowCheck. While we moan and groan a little about not being able to get certain models—namely any sled with the Patriot 850—in season, Chris Wolf emphasized the importance of the SnowCheck program to Polaris. He said last season’s SnowCheck was Polaris’ best in 17 years, attributing that to the new Patriot 850 engine but also the new front end on select snowmobiles.

Polaris is so invested in its SnowCheck program that it’s going global. It used to be a North American-only program but was then expanded to Russia last year and is going to Scandinavian countries this year.

A much lesser known (at least to much of the general snowmobiling public) program Polaris offers is what it calls “Factory Choice,” which is different than SnowCheck. It’s a program for dealers. Most know that Polaris has offered a variety of options from tracks to colors to accessories to engines, etc., through its SnowCheck program and has done so for the past handful of years.

Wolf tells us that two-thirds of Polaris’ entire snowmobile production is customized. This means several things, including:

  • Allowing dealers to tailor their inventory to their customers in their part of the snowbelt.
  • Provides unique inventory to each dealer.
  • Available to the entire Polaris dealer network.
  • Is available on 600 and 800 in season models only.
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