A Real Rocky Mountain King

Published in the March 2019 Issue July 2019 Arctic Cat, Feature Lane Lindstrom

Southern Colorado rider Matt Entz, owner of Mountain Skillz, hasn’t always been a Rocky Mountain King (RMK). Those who remember his earlier riding days might remember he used to ride Arctic Cat mountain sleds.

But as he worked to become a full-time snowmobiler and start his own snowmobile riding skills company (www.mountainskillz.com) he switched brands and went to Polaris.

Fast forward to today and he has continued to be Polaris loyal along with equipping his snowmobiles with the accessories to not only help him be one of the West’s premiere riders but also a top-notch riding instructor, which includes avalanche training and safety.

So what does Entz consider to be essential additions to his daily driver? Here’s a not so short list.

2019 Polaris 850 Pro RMK

Entz’s sled of choice here is the RMK with the new Patriot 850 powerplant and 163x2.6-inch track. This RMK also comes with the QuickDrive Low Inertia Drive System, which is a belt drive rather than a chaincase drive system. The QuickDrive is lighter, more efficient and a little cleaner than a chaincase.


Raptor Performance Shocks

More specifically, Entz uses Raptor’s Kinetic Series Shocks in all four spots. He explained, “These offer the absolute best ride on- and off-trail with new patented internal bypass technology paired with a triple rate spring providing a very smooth and plush ride with excellent bottoming resistance. There is endless customization with adjustable spring preload, compression and rebound. These shocks soak up bumps, old tracks and changes in the snow so that I can focus 100 percent on the line I’m taking with confidence that my sled will smoothly go exactly where I want it to.”


Skinz Protective Gear

Entz uses an array of Arizona-based Skinz Protective Gear products. Those include:

FreeFlow Front End - Geometry changes makes this very predictable and quick-handling and effortless to setup for riding. “This is the absolute best-handling front suspension setup for off-trail and technical terrain,” Entz said.

Helium Hood - The two large heated storages on this hood make it extremely functional and it gives the sled a more aggressive look.

Tri-Lite Running Boards - The angled design where the boards mount to the tunnel and in the footwell simply eliminate any snow/ice buildup, Entz pointed out. The traction is great and boot life is prolonged due to fewer sharp edges and no need to kick snow/ice when riding deep snow.

Rear Bumper - The lightweight bumper adds strength to the rear of the tunnel and the raised design provides easier access when in the snow.

Xtra Low Freeride Seat - The short seat is lightweight and makes transitioning from one side of the sled to the other much easier.

Heated Adjustable Brake Lever - Provides the ability to set the lever in a custom position most comfortable for the rider’s finger and being heated keeps that finger warm “as you should always ride with a finger on the brake.” 

Split Throttle Block - This open design does not collect any snow or ice when riding the deep snow.


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