Losing Your Line

February 2019 Feature Steve Janes

            Often when we snowmobile we find that for whatever reason our line has been taken from us. Sometimes it’s a tree you don’t see, sometimes it’s a log, and sometimes it’s a creek that has been expanded by another sled passing over it.

            On a recent ride, Lane Lindstrom, editor of SnoWest Magazine had such a situation occur to him …which led to a teaching moment.

            In the video, you see how the gap in the creek started to expand and collapse. Lane assessed the situation, picked his line, grabbed a fist full of throttle to lift the front of his sled and basically jumped the creek. With the full throttle, he managed to pack his skis over the creek with enough momentum to propel the rest of his sled past.

           Lane made it with ease … but if you are the next guy in line, you’re going to have a little more of a challenge. You better be looking for a new line where you can get a little more snow to cushion the jump.

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