Action Is Needed Now: Idaho Non-Resident OHV Sticker Fee

Snowmobilers can help get the word out, let the committee know the OHV/recreation community supports this bill

News Sandra Mitchell, Idaho Recreation Council

We need everyone to send in e-mails supporting Idaho House Bill 75 that creates a non-resident OHV fee. The e-mail messages needs to go the House Transportation Committee—a separate message to each member please. A flyer is attached above that provides good information about the bill.

It is important the message be personalized. Share with them your sport of choice and other information that you think appropriate. Also give your name and address. If you don’t own an OHV you can still send a message. Snowmobilers can share their experience with their non-resident sticker and how well it has worked.

This is the message—use your own words: I am writing to ask that you support and vote yes on House Bill 75. This bill would impose a $12 non-resident OHV sticker fee (the same fee a resident pays). Currently, non-residents pay to ride snowmobiles in Idaho, but they get a free ride when it comes to our summer OHV trails. Idaho provides more summer OHV trail opportunities than any surrounding state. We are a destination state for OHV enthusiasts. In recent years, our costs to maintain trails have increased, but resident fees that support the user-funded maintenance program have remained the same.  We need more funds to clear trails and increase opportunity. It is only fair that non-residents contribute to the support of our system. I do not believe that requiring non-residents to pay $12 per year (the cost of roughly 4-5 gallons of gasoline) will turn OHV tourists away. It certainly would not turn me away from visiting another state to ride their trails.

Thank you, and again, I ask that you vote for House Bill 75.

The e-mail addresses for the committee members are below. Simply cut and paste the e-mail address into each message.

Did I mention it needs to done by next Monday?

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