2020 Summit X With Expert Package

February 2019 Feature

The trees are tighter. The hills are steeper. The snow is deeper. The challenge is greater,  but so is the reward. Seldom does a sled come along that changes the way a rider interprets the terrain and vastly expands the possibilities of where they can go. The 2020 Summit X with Expert Package is the sled to quench that desire for more.

In designing this new offering, Ski-Doo engineers didn’t go back to the drawing board. They went to the mountain, but they didn’t go alone. Starting with the incredibly capable REV Gen4 platform, they asked for input from the Ski-Doo team of Brand Ambassadors, Backcountry Experts and other real riders. In doing so, they added or changed features to improve handling and performance, creating a sled capable of opening a rider’s eyes to even more technical terrain possibilities.

The Expert Package is based on the same REV Gen4 platform that has become the industry standard for capability. It’s driven by the Rotax 850 E-Tec with the dynamic response and instantaneous power delivery riders around the globe have fallen in love with. Its centrally balanced characteristics put the rider in full control with man and machine in sync with every maneuver on the snow. The package will be offered in 154- and 165-inch track lengths with 3.0 inch lugs, two colors, high altitude or sea-level calibration and SHOT starter only.

The capability expands further with standard features never before seen on a Summit. Both the tMotion rear and RAS 3 front suspensions feature stiffer KYB shocks with lightweight springs. The front is setup with Kashima-coated KYB HPG Plus shocks, while the rear gets a KYB HPG Plus center shock and KYB Pro 36 EA rear shock with easily adjustable compression settings.

The suspension upgrades go beyond stiffer calibration. The front end also features a revised lightweight ski spindle with a new ski stopper for improved handling in technical terrain. In back, the tMotion gets Ski-Doo’s exclusive Adjustable Limiter Strap standard allowing riders to adjust limiter strap length by simply flipping a lever to fine-tune the sled’s dynamic behavior for current terrain or riding preferences.

The most noticeable difference to the Expert Package at a quick glance is the absence of a snowflap, replaced by a lightweight snow flap, on the shorter tunnel. This allows for greater deep snow capabilities with more clearance and lighter overall weight.

Blending comfort with functionality was also front and center for the team of designers. A tapered, smaller diameter handlebar with new grips, and flexible handguards, are standard to the Summit X with Expert Package. Updated Profile running boards that extend completely forward improve snow evacuation and further reduce weight. A lower, shorter, narrower, lightweight FORTY7C seat designed by mountain legend Carl Kuster rounds out the standard features.


REV Gen4 platform - The open design of the REV Gen4 deep-snow platform allows riders to ride freely with their own style, attacking terrain as it suits them instead of the sled. Designed to be the most agile, responsive sled in the mountains, the side-to-side centralized mass creates a sled that’s ultra responsive to rider input, making it easy to initiate sidehill and carving maneuvers even in the most technical terrain.


tMotion rear suspension - The tMotion is both extremely agile and ultra-responsive to rider input. A simple shift in rider weight is all it takes for the sled move in the desired direction. A swiveling rear arm and split front arm allow the skid frame to flex laterally for easier roll up into a sidehill or carve. Rising-rate motion ratio adds capacity to handle big drops and comfort when riding the trail to get to the deep snow. Standard adjustable limiter strap gives riders quick, easy choices in ride dynamics.

HPG Plus center shock with lightweight spring/KYB Pro 36 rear shocks – High quality KYB lightweight rebuildable high pressure gas shock in center. KYB Pro 36 EA rear shock with easy adjust knob for extreme capability.

RAS 3 front suspension - Precise, predictable handling and outstanding bump absorption, even in harsh conditions, with state-of-the-art unequal length A-arm front suspension.

New Kashima coated HPG Plus front shocks with lightweight springs – Highest quality KYB lightweight rebuildable high pressure gas shocks front. Rebuildable and revalvable. Kashima coated for smoother operation and longer life.


New Short tunnel - Shorter tunnel length without snowflap allows for optimal maneuverability in deep snow. Standard rear lightweight snow flap with LinQ-ready attachment points.

Narrow, adjustable ski stance - Effortlessly roll the sled on edge with a 35.7-inch (91 cm) standard stance. Stable cornering on trails with the chassis’ low center of gravity. Stance can be easily widened to 37.4 inches (95 cm).

New Lightweight ski spindle - Lightweight alloy spindle with revised geometry and new ski stopper to reduce ski drag and improve predictability in technical sidehills.

Pilot DS 3 skis - Precise control to easily hold sidehills in a ski specifically designed to work in tandem with the deeper and longer tracks. The Pilot DS 3 skis are a variation of the well-received Pilot DS 2 with a 12 mm deeper keel offering an industry-exclusive removable ski tip extension: ride with it in deep dry snow conditions for flotation, ride without in crusty conditions to minimize tip-up.

Track options

• 154 x 16 x 3.0 inch (391 x 41 x 7.63 cm)

• 165 x 16 x 3.0 inch (420 x 41 x 7.63 cm)

PowderMax Light track - Climb with authority thanks to the 3.5 inch (9 cm) pitch that not only reduces weight but increases performance by keeping more snow between the lugs for better traction and keeps the sled on top of the snow. Strong yet lightweight lug design combined with the 3.5 pitch helps further reduce overall weight. Exclusive 16-inch (41 cm) wide design adds flotation and traction without sacrificing maneuverability.

Ice Scratchers - Rail-mounted scratchers provide additional snow/ice spray for cooling in icy and hardpack conditions. Reverse-capable.

Tunnel design - More freedom for the rider to move thanks to the beveled shape allowing for narrow tank and seat. Open rear cap design eliminates drag in deep snow. Heat exchanger is integrated using cutting-edge friction stir welding manufacturing process for greater heat transfer, added strength and less weight.

pDrive primary clutch - Fast and friction-free dual rollers transfer torque in place of traditional sliding buttons on this clutch. Oversized rollers with needle bearings, wide based flyweights and a shaft-onshaft design emphasize smooth operation and long life. Ultra-responsive shifting, impressive rpm consistency, lightweight and maintenance-free. Fixed sheave is finned to circulate more air and is paired with the new CVT cover delivering better air flow and cooling.

New Drive belt - New PBO material and design enhanced drive belt durability in deep snow.

Brembo disc brake - Hydraulic system from the world leader in brakes and X-exclusive racing-style pads provide powerful, fade-resistant stopping power. Steel-braided line. Ergo-Step side panels - More comfort thanks to the ergonomic design of the rear section of the panels shaped to support the rider’s shins on downhills. Narrow profile and shape at bottom minimizes “paneling out” in sidehilling. Bottom pan is shaped for flotation in carving and sidehilling.

New Limiter strap adjuster - Quickly and easily change limiter strap settings for terrain or conditions without crawling under the sled.

Updated Profile running boards - Rigid full-length extruded aluminum grid-style design with 60 percent wider openings for exceptional snow evacuation and three times more grip. Flat foot positioning for comfort and control, plus a 1 lb. weight reduction.

Open toe-hold - True freedom to choose. Enables rider to naturally and freely adjust footing on the running board. Optional toe-hold accessories available to customize the fit for all styles.

New FORTY7C seat: Lower, shorter, narrower, lightweight design allows for easier rider movement on the sled. Developed with backcountry expert Carl Kuster. Improved weather resistance to preserve its lightweight characteristic.

Compact digital gauge - Includes all critical data points in a small, lightweight package positioned perfectly with large display numbers to be seen by a standing rider.

Minimalist handlebar controls - Even more compact design for no interference with the rider. Warmer switches on console. RER reverse button further shielded.

New Small diameter handle bar and grips - Tapered bar ends and new grip design for improved rider comfort.

New Low handlebar strap - Lower strap height keeps it out of the way while riding or reading the gauge.

New 4.7 inch/120 mm riser block

New Flexible handguards – Semi-rigid design for increased hand protection. Flexible enough to avoid breaking when rolling the sled or riding in tight trees.

Glove box - 1 gallon (4 L) storage box under is ideal for storing a spare pair of goggles or gloves. Improved seal to keep moisture out. Wiring and marked cut-out for USB and 12V accessory outlets.

Rotax Electronic Reverse (RER) - A simple push of a button reverses the sled—by reversing the direction of the engine. Adds nearly zero weight.

RF DESS Key - Ball-and-socket design with embedded radio frequency microchip ensures solid connection.

Accessory-ready - Designed from the factory for easy installation of more than 200 Ski-Doo accessories for the REV Gen4 platform, including LinQ cargo system, skid plates, side panel vents, auxiliary LED light, GPS receiver, 1+1 seating system, alternative windshields and more.


Rotax 850 E-Tec engine - The next generation of the most advanced direct-injection two-stroke engine technology. This powerful twin delivers an exhilarating experience with 165 horsepower and 30 percent quicker response—the power comes instantly and forcefully. Fuel and oil economy remain impressive. Designed for reliability and durability with proven 4-stroke and long-lasting automotive engine technologies.


  • New Ultimate Black/Orange Crush with panel wrap - Supreme look and finish, maximum protection.
  • New Ultimate Lava Red/White with panel wrap - Supreme look and finish, maximum protection.


  • SHOT engine starting technology. Push-button starting with nearly no added weight. After an initial pull-start, the engine charges an ultracapacitor. Pushing the handlebar SHOT button for subsequent starts uses that stored energy to turn the magneto into an electric motor that turns the crank. E-Tec technology then fires the engine to start. Eliminates nearly 20 lbs./9 kg compared to conventional electric start.
  • Sea-level calibration: For riding below 4,000 feet (1,220 m) in elevation
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