Girl Power

January 2019 Feature Steve Janes

            For those who think snowmobiling is a man’s sport, well you need to abandon your chauvinistic ways. When given the opportunity, girls are finding the thrill of snowmobiling and are acquiring mountain riding skills.

            Kaylee is one example of a young female snowmobiler who, thanks to her parents, has developed some mountain riding skills. She’s not afraid to get off the trail and pick her own lines.

            Like most teenage girls, Kaylee may not have the size or muscle mass to wrestle with a snowmobile in deep powder. But she understands rider position and uses her small frame as leverage to control her sled on sidehills.

            And a few years from now, some lucky guy is going to meet up with Kaylee on the snow and find his future snowmobiling companion who is capable of keeping up with the rest of the guys.

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